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The View: Downton Abbey Cast, Hot Topics

Panel today is Joy, Abby, Sunny, Meghan
Whoopi is filming The Stand the rest of this week

Downton Abbey Film Cast

Joy and Abby host the Downton Abbey cast
Hugh Bonneville = Robert Crawley, Earl of Grantham
Michelle Dockery = Lady Mary Talbot
Laura Carmichael = Edith Pelham, Marchioness of Hexham
Jim Carter = Charles Carson
Allen Leach = Tom Branson

Summary of conversation [Spoiler (click to open)]
Cast talks about their roles and careers. Hugh talks about how this was the era that the Royals realize they should start reaching out to the populace. Joy and Abby says it was an escape. Hugh mentions Uh Hello Brexit. Abby asks Michelle about Emmy nominated role in Godless. Can she easily slip back into her DA role. Laura talks about entertaining Maggie Smith, tells story about cat memes. Abby brings up Allen playing Freddie Mercury love interest. Talks about closure for his character at the end of S6.

Jim is talked about as the fan favorite. His wife irl Imelda Staunton will be in the film, married to his character. Wife gets the higher rank upstairs, he was furious /joking. They’ve been married 35 years. Round of applause for stamina! Abby asks, What is it about this show that has resonated in other countries, not just US and UK. Hugh talks about nostalgia but really it comes back to the story and the family. Joy says BRF has admitted to watching the show. Says Kate came and spent hours watching the filming, she watched a scene with Michelle and another cast member, they were nervous. Jim was awarded the OBE by Prince Charles, he was happy his mom who just turned 100 was able to see it. Tells a joke about exchange with Prince Charles. Shows cover of Town & Country. Laura feels it changed all of their lives. Audience says they’d watch another DA film. Allen says he got married to Jessica Herman (AHS) and they’re expecting a baby.

Hot Topic Day 972 in TRE45ON Ville

WaPo reporter Shane Harris live by remote feed to discuss the latest in GET HIM THE FUCK OUT OF OFFICE.

Tr/mp made a [disturbing and highly irregular] "promise" to a "foreign leader" on a "phone call"

On Aug 12* whistleblower filed a complaint with Inspector General detailing the wrongdoing. IG found it was credible. Standard operating procedure is to then inform Congress. Justice Department intervened, and has not allowed Congress to be informed. Joy asks what can you tell us about the whistleblower. Person worked on the National Security Council. May have seen it then, or learned of it later. This is a senior person, not a junior person. Tr/mp declassifies info all the time with his gossip-y mouth, so this senior person would’ve known how to separate that behavior from something egregious and concerning. Abby drops cover up language. This info is supposed to go from DNI to Congress, but the WH said No.

Sunny wonders who does DNI report to, Harris says the POTUS. Role was created after 911 and has responsibility of the whole apparatus of espionage. Sunny thinks the Justice Department also got involved, and their behavior is illegal, because the DOJ doesn’t have legal standing over the DNI. Short version is that not only was the behavior gravely concerning, but the coverup is even worse. MM mentions Tr/mp is going crazy on twitter as a distraction. Mentions previous Presidents talking to other world leaders, there is a difference between negotiating and deal making, which is normal – this activity rose to the level of abuse [of power]. WaPo had known about whistleblower story for some days, the magnitude was significant enough to report it to the American people.

*Sequence of events [edit]:
25th July, Tr/np has call with Pres. Zelensky of Ukraine
28th July, Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats resignation announced
31st July, Tr/mp has call with Putin
8th Aug, Coats interrupted a meeting to pull out Sue Gordon (his 2nd in command) who was holding the meeting on election security, and urged her to resign that very day. Gordon submitted her resignation to Pence, although it was addressed to Tr/mp.
12th Aug, the whistleblower complaint was filed through proper channels
26th Aug, the Inspector General, per procedure, submitted its findings that the whistleblower complaint was urgent concern
9th Sept, Inspector General wrote directly to Adam Schiff Chairman of House Intelligence Committee, informing of his conclusion, but not revealing the actual complaint
13th Sep, Schiff issued a subpoena to acting-DNI Maguire. This is because acting-DNI Maguire refused to submit to Congress per procedure, instead he consulted with DOJ (outside their purview), wherein Attorney General Barr put up a blockade

Back and forth, then today Maguire met in closed session and STILL refuses to reveal details of the complaint but it can be concluded with high accuracy that it must involve Tr/mp, given the level of obstruction from allowing Congress to be informed per protocol.

⚠️ it’s being reported that TRE45ON is extorting Ukraine to get dirt on Biden to help TRE45ON win election in return for military support

Hot Topic Dolt45 Promotes Lie About Omar, Obama Shades

Re/the Squad = Ilhan Omar, Ayanna Pressley, AOC, and Rashida Tlaib

Tr/mp re-tweeted a tweet from [redacted] that Omar was partying on 911, when in fact it was a Black Caucus event two days later on 13 Sept. Omar says Tr/mp is putting her life at risk. [The original tweet was eventually removed after the show aired.] Joy mentions Obama side shade, saying the best approach to the presidency is to ignore tv and social media. Abby says Obama remarks will just prompt Tr/mp to tweet more because it’s triggering to him. MM doesn’t like anything that tracks in conspiracy theory and too much like Alex Jones. Yang twitter entertains her, he’s good at it. Finds it fine when politicians uses it effectively and responsibly, but what Tr/mp does is bad, dangerous. Brings up Joe Walsh as opposition to Tr/mp, so MM points out that he’s racist and has an equally disgusting social media presence. They’re both despicable so Walsh isn’t an acceptable replacement.

Hot Topic Does Your Mate Get Jealous Over Your Stanning

Joy said her husband didn’t have a problem with her crush on Sanders. Blogger wondered if she could bring him as much joy as Sanders. Eventually they broke up. MM mentions blogger relationship had other issues, didn’t go out, do other things. Joy thinks Sunny wouldn’t like it if her husband was obsessing over someone else, Sunny’s like meh, he only obsesses over me (snap!). MM mentions a friend dating a Tr/mp supporter and dating a Warren/Sanders supporter. Panel discusses how can there be compatibility with too opposite political belief systems. Moves on to the [absurd trolling] of Kellyanne Conway and George Conway. Mentions the OG during normalcy, James Carville (Clinton) and Mary Matalin (Bush). Back when even the two parties were less vitriolic, they used to do the Sunday political shows together. These times are extraterrestrial. Loads of couples used to be bi-party, but how can that even exist now, in this hellscape.

Hot Topic Dating App Bans Filters for Profile Photos

No.1 dating app Plenty of Fish just banned using facial filters to force people to be honest. They also lie about their age and weight. Sunny mentioned friend who met up with someone who was 40 lbs heavier and 20 yrs older. Abby feels like it was better in the olden days when courting was more about who the person is, less about what they look like. MM says she had a positive experience using dating apps and dating. Says ruling out x, y, z closes yourself off to possibly meeting someone good. Sunny wants certain criteria to be met. Joy asks about height of Sunny husband (?) she says there were other things, orthopedic surgeon, spoke multiple languages, lol. Sunny still wears a little makeup to bed, gotta stay hot all the time.

Ontd do you use facial filters or photoshop for your dating app photo?

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