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Rennsday Renner Update: The Custody Battle Heats Up, Choose Your Own AdRennture & More!

On September 10th his ex-wife requested for full custody of their child & for Jeremy's visits to be monitored.  Well, Jeremy Renner is not going down without a fight and on the now he has requested full custody & monitored visits for his ex wife. They're both due in court on November 7th.

On a more lighthearted note, Jeremy posted a video of his home recording studio in LA (the same one Lady Gaga visited). He talks about his music & teases that there is more to come. Don't worry haters, he doesn't  sing in the video.

A genious made a little game that puts you in Jeremy's shoes on the fateful day his app shut down.

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ONTD, Do you like hard-boiled eggs?
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