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What Happened to the 47 Dogs That Michael Vick Abused?

dogs vick.png

CW: Animal Abuse

In 2007, Michael Vick spent time in jail for being involved in a massive dogfighting ring. He had huge grounds for training, abusing and executing dozens of pit bulls for his dog fights.

So, a dozen years later, what happened to the dogs?

Good news: Most of them were adopted into loving families

  • Before this incident, most dogs rescued from dogfights would be euthanized
  • Lots of rescue organizations volunteered to rehabilitate them
  • Some dogs had to be put down because they were too ill or very dangerous
  • They changed the way the world views pit bulls



Audie used to be so terrified of people and dogs that he couldn't be around them. But soon, his new owner would bring him to public libraries to talk about pit bull ownership.


ontd ellen.jpg

Ellen had facial scarring and partial paralysis, which meant that she probably had to fight other dogs. But she earned the nickname "Belly" because she loves to eat.


ontd frodo.jpg

Frodo used to have nightmares, which his owner would calm by turning on the TV. He now lives in sunny California.


ontd hazel.jpg

Hazel had broken teeth and part of her tongue missing and was used as a breeding dog. But she became a therapy dog for her owner.


ontd halle.jpg

All of these dogs are very good except Halle. Halle likes to trick her owner into getting out of bed, then steals her spot. Halle is a Very Bad Doggo.

Learn what happened to all 47 dogs at the source

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