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The View: NYT Authors of Kavanaugh Book, RIP Cokie Roberts, Hot Topics

NYT Reporters Robin Pogrebin and Kate Kelly, Authors of the book The Education of Brett Kavanaugh

Some abbreviations W=Whoopi, AH=Abby, J=Joy, SH=Sunny, MM=Meghan McCain

Summary of conversation [Spoiler (click to open)]
MM starts with controversy. An op-ed in NYT Opinion talked about a new allegation against Beer Bong Brett. This made the essay in NYT prior to the book being released. What was provided in the book, but eliminated from the essay, was that the woman didn’t recall the event and declined to be interviewed. They also discuss why her name was revealed. AH and MM continue to challenge, re/ the witness Max Stier happened to work for a law firm back in the 1990s who provided defense for Pres Clinton during Whitewater era. Authors say they examined his history from high school, college, the 36 years since, find that he’s grown up, maybe learned from his mistakes, his judge record paints him more an establishment conservative (vs right wing ideologue). Says everyone can try to demonize BK, everyone can demonize the witness, the victim, the reality is somewhere in between, more complicated, the purpose of the book was to provide an objective view. The victim has said again that she can’t go through the interview again, and when asked if anyone else can speak to the event, she responded, “Ask Brett Kavanaugh”.

SH brings up again the additional witnesses and informants who came forward to the FBI but were prohibited from investigated. The victim’s lawyers gave 25+ witnesses, but they were never interviewed. Blasey Ford gave more witnesses, but they were never interviewed. Authors discuss the limited investigative, said the one week timeline was based on Anita Hill being 4 days.

J reminds that Tr/mp is still standing by Beer Bong Brett, says BBB should sue. Authors say that’s great he’s paying attention to the book, reminded they tried to do what reporters do – investigate and report the facts. A lot of people have seized on certain things prematurely. W asks, Has anyone read the book. SH has, the panel received it yesterday, but it was embargoed and doesn’t go on sale until today (Tuesday). Then something about a tweet that was problematic (whew) that was quickly deleted. Mess. [I didn’t listen much to this portion, it’s the third clip starting 2:00 mark.]

SH legal note BK has no comment on new allegation and has previously denied all allegations.

Hot Topic RIP Cokie Roberts

Cokie Roberts died @ 75 from complications from breast cancer

You can read more about her career here

News dropped just before the show started. W opened the show with a brief eulogy for her and said her impact on journalism cannot be underestimated. The panel talked about how they felt about her, her influence and inspiration, previous interactions they had with her. MM mentioned her era on This Week, a MyDad™ reference, feels like it’s a real loss for journalism. W says she was a class act.

Hot Topic Elizabeth Warren

Elizabeth Warren held a rally yesterday and is gaining in polls. Plays clip. Received key endorsement from progressive Working Families Party, who endorsed Sanders last election. AH says Sanders should care. MM feels it’s a fight between moderates and progressives. Wonders if there will be a contested convention with Biden, Sanders, Warren all going to the convention. J loves Warren and that she would make a great Potus. Feels she’s the poster child of democratic socialism, cites examples. Believes Tr/mp will take everything away, vs Dem providing safety nets. AH doesn’t like that neither really provide a choice, Warren (M4A doesn’t offer choice) and Tr/mp offers no choice (trash). W says it’s still early, keep listening to the candidates. SH hasn’t decided her vote yet.

SH feels majority of Americans want free public education, minimum raise, immigration reform, gun reform, reduce income inequality. These aren’t progressive ideals, they’re now American ideals. AH likes those things but how will they be paid for. J explains how EW has said it will be paid for, cough it up. MM does a quick test for the panel, only Warren vs Sanders, SH says Warren because Bernie is grumpy. MM says that women in particular continue to turn away from Sanders due to how he treated HRC last time. W agrees with that element, then brings up Yang and her money, yada yada, someone else gave her an idea better than Yang idea. MM thinks Yang is the grassroots sleeper hit of the campaign. More discussion about mega wealthy corporations. W Give Me My Money.

Hot Topic Goodbye Shane Gillis

Disclaimer: I was pressed for time today so Idk if I did a good job capturing this segment. Short version is that the panel didn't like what he said, wonders why SNL has taken this long to add an Asian member.

SNL fired Shane Gillis due to his previous remarks, apologized for not vetting him more thoroughly. AH talks about cancel culture, feels the worst thing is racial slurs. Believes Gillis could’ve gotten ahead of it but instead he’s only given non-apologies. Brings up Chapelle, will he host SNL given his current show. J wonders why SNL never had an Asian member but then they choose this guy. SH doesn’t like cancel culture, lists some other examples, Kevin Hart, Trevor Noah. Panel wonders how long do you wait, what is that milestone. Consensus is how it’s handled by each person, whether it felt genuine and was a learning oppty vs just pandering. MM doesn’t like cancel culture [skipping to the point], why aren’t there more women and poc in late night tv. Does think it was respectful of SNL to ask (cast) how they felt about it, and admitted they didn’t vet Gillis well enough. J tells a joke, everyone laughs /end segment.

Ontd hey how are you all today? Kisses xx

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