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Brutally Honest Emmy Ballot

There are too many nominees (8).
'Pose', did not watch. R.Murphy’s are the same over and over again (pretentious and no appeal)
'Ozark', jumped the shark in season two. 
'This Is Us' is lovely,
'Better Call Saul' is great and J.Banks is the best actor on TV
'Game of Thrones' it was frat-boy central, didn’t mind the ending, they lost their way when they didn’t have a book. 
'Bodyguard', loved it, R.Madden was amazing.
'Succession' is brilliant, its second season is even better than its first.
'Killing Eve' is the best drama, in love with P.Waller-Bridge, watch for Jodie Comer, Sandra Oh is great.

Best Comedy Series
'Russian Doll', it’s Groundhog Day without a point, hugely disappointed.
'Schitt’s Creek', lovely, but don’t know how it got nominated.
'The Good Place', not of the caliber of network shows of yesteryear like Cheers.
'Maisel', didn’t love this season,
'Veep' is great, but there should be a mercy rule where you can’t win something more than three or four times. 
'Fleabag' and 'Barry', would love to vote for Phoebe, but Barry is the best show on TV.

Best Limited Series
'Sharp Objects', detested it, A.Adams was miscast.
'Fosse/Verdon' was good, Michelle Williams was terrific.
'Escape at Dannemora' was good, directing was better than the writing, P.Arquette was the only good casting.
'When They See Us', did not finish it, could not take it anymore, it was so upsetting. Great casting, he cared so much about those kids.
'Chernobyl', best thing on TV in the last 10 years. Extraordinary : the writing, casting, locations, visual effects. 


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