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The View: Meredith Viera, Hot Topics

Meredith Viera

Meredith is an OG host of The View as well as a lifetime career in journalism. She talks about motherhood, her husband who has MS, her new game show 25 Words or Less.

Summary of conversation [Spoiler (click to open)]
She looks good (she’s 65!). Three kids are 30, 28, and 26 yrs old. Talks about her kids and what they’ve been up to. Shows photos. Her one son is engaged, and Meredith gave her mom’s engagement ring for her son to propose with. She misses her kids but she and her husband like having the empty nest. Says her husband is hanging in there (re/MS), has a good sense of humor about it, talks about his struggles with a cane, how he copes.

Meredith said she’s always been a little clumsy. Tells a story about her game show, broke her toe the night before going out to test the show. Show gets picked up, tapes a lot of episodes, a week before she was leaving, she broke another toe! Sober both times lol. Tells another story how she fell in a toilet and hurt her back. Her husband had left the seat up, she didn’t notice, she plopped all the way in. (Omg). Wondered if she’s secretly trying to hurt herself. Talks more about game show, plays clip, Courteney Cox and Lisa Kudrow are two celebs in the clip. Explains the show. If you’re good at word games, it’s a lot of fun. Lisa Kudrow’s company is partly responsible for the show.

[Idk if she’s had ps work or not but she looks how someone is supposed to look as they age, good for her]

Hot Topic Beer Bong Brett the Sequel

More rage worthy news about this man. A book called The Education of Brett Kavanaugh revealed even more sexual assault allegations, and that the FBI was prevented by the WH from thoroughly investigating any of the claims. A former male classmate came forward that he saw an incident occur, although the female declined to be interviewed and doesn’t remember the incident. Panel doesn’t like the alleged lack of journalistic integrity for this point being left out of the lead article (although the book itself does provide objective recounting). Sunny reminds that the book reveals even more behavior similar to Blasey Ford and others. Says the FBI was only allowed 1 week for a limited investigation. Sunny knows personally it isn’t possible to conduct a legit investigation of 40 witnesses in that short amount of time. Mam (me-again) says it’s very nebulous, didn’t reveal it came from a fmr Clinton defense atty who battled with BK during Whitewater, blah blah blah. Wonders if impeaching Tr/mp and BK is a winning strategy. Sunny says BK won’t happen, but Tr/mp, hmmm maybe. Abby doesn’t like dragging him through the mud because he has two daughters!

Sunny legal note BK had no comment, and previously denied all allegations.

[Icymi Gorsuch didn’t have all these skeletons. Did the GOP not bother to vet BK? How could they not know this was out there? The GOP could’ve nominated another judge that would’ve met their ideological litmus test. What was so special about this loser?]

Hot Topic Backlash on Fat Shaming

See this post from shannenb

Plays Maher clip. Plays Corden clip. Abby thinks Maher wants the attention, he’s provocative. She likes what Corden said. Abby says she’s thin normally but while pregnant, she empathized with heavier people, doesn’t think people choose to experience difficulties (health or societal). Sunny brings up the socioeconomic drivers. Says she was always pretty thin, but a lot of her family wasn’t, lived in a food desert where it’s hard to get healthy food. Whoopi says sometimes there are big people, if you don’t walk in their shoes, then walk beside them. Mam talks about herself. Thinks we should have compassion, a lot of obesity is related to poverty and access to healthcare. The panel is unanimous that shaming is not the answer, don’t be so judge-y. People know what they look like, know their size.

[No one has mentioned this but let’s be real. Maher wasn’t (really) calling out men who are overweight. He was talking about women only.]

Hot Topic You Can’t Stay Here Mom

Lady wrote to WaPo advice column saying her son would put her in a hotel when she came to visit. Mom said he has extra room with pull out couch. WaPo said his house his rules. Abby is a private person, wouldn’t care for someone crashing with her for weeks on end, sides with WaPo. Sunny is more flexible, her mother lives with them. Mam says her place is Hotel Meghan. Talked about a friend who stayed for 7 mos, so some can overstay, but otherwise she’s from a large family so she likes having people around. Whoopi feels like there are times when it’s ok, summer when you’re outside, but other times nah. She keeps her frig empty so if they want to eat then they have to go shopping. [Lol that Whoopi doesn't share her money ever with anybody]

Hot Topic Happy National Hispanic Heritage Month

Officially kicked off yesterday 15 September
Sunny is on the cover of USA Today Hispanic Living, first time on the cover of a Latino publication. Abby saw it. Sunny says a lot of people don’t realize that because she’s afro-latina.

Feel Free to Have a Laugh at #ObamaNetflix Hashtag

Appropo of nothing, Obama Netflix? Like wth loooooooool this brain addled fool. Twitter is always there with the humor.

Source Source

There was also a quick mention of a fmr guest who won an Emmy for The Sentence and RIP to Eddie Money and Ric Ocasek.

Ontd is your home an open house for anyone who wants to come and visit?

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