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Christina Aguilera visits The Kelly Clarkson Show

Christina Aguilera stops by The Kelly Clarkson Show and dishes on what it’s been like to go back on tour as a mom, her chaotic childhood, and how her kids keep her humble. She and Kelly get real about their childhoods and how much their kids have influenced their lives.

Legend X also reacts to Kelly Clarkson covering “Ain’t No Other Man” with a live performance with her studio audience (also cleverly known as Kellyoke).

Watch it and more behind the cut. Ha!

Kelly Clarkson pays homage to her guest, Christina Aguilera, by covering her 2006 hit “Ain't No Other Man.” Say!

Christina Aguilera looks back on the last 20 years since releasing her debut album and reflects on how intense the music business can be for young women. Plus, she dishes on her upcoming single for "The Addams Family" animated film.

Christina Aguilera and Kelly Clarkson open up about their careers, raising kids and what their fantasy dream shows look like. Plus, the two pop stars consider pairing up in Las Vegas.

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