Kirsten Dunst is aware her son's name is easy to make fun of + sells her LA home for $4.55 million

  • Kirsten Dunst was on Jimmy Kimmel promoting her Showtime series On Becoming a God in Central Florida

  • She seems super happy we luv to c it

  • Kimmel was one of the first people to know that she was pregnant.

  • About her star on the Walk of Fame: admits to hate public speaking (much like her guests for the ceremony: Meth Damon and Sofia Coppola) and is happy that her star isn't near Hooters.

  • Her son name is Ennis. She and Meth Damon thought it sounded like a old cowboy name when they found it on the internet.

  • Is aware that people can make fun of his name by calling him tenis, penis or anus.

  • Talks about other things like breastfeeding, Hollywood doctors, George Clooney and much more.

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Did people make fun of your name, ONTD? TYFYA