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David Ayer is still upset over how much you hate Suicide Squad

James Gunn recently announced the cast for his upcoming sequel/relaunch/whatever you wanna call it of Suicide Squad. And with it came war flashbacks to 2016's original. It looked great on trailers. The cast was an interesting mix of people. It was gonna be to a fun time. Until it wasn't. While its box office says differently, the film was an unwatchable mess.

Well SS's director David Ayer is still upset and wants us all to know it. You see, because it's not actually his fault the movie sucked so bad so stop yelling at him:

Ayer explained a few months ago that working on the film was a 'rough patch' for him and that Warners made significant changes to his original cut, bringing it a lighter tone and a ton of editors to make the film the mess we got.


do you hate suicide squad ontd? do you blame david or warners? will james gunn fare better? discuss.
Tags: dc comics, film - action / adventure, film director
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