beysactingcoach (beysactingcoach) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,

Love After Lockup 3.5 "That Star-Crossed, Trailer Park Love" Discussion Post

- King Amber and Quesadilla Calzone Vince go mattress shopping. The endless secondhand embarrassment I feel watching these two hold something what they would call conversations and what OP would call torture
- Apostrophe Eyebrow Killa Cheryl who abandoned her children to fuck a failed bank robber had the ABSOLUTE AUDACITY to call Josh's mother "white trash"
- she also might've fucked Josh's dad (this is just really white, so OP doesn't know)
- Fraud Victim Angela goes wedding dress shopping and Fraud Victim Tony is trying to escape Angela's wrath and sexual propositions. OP bets he's lying from the halfway house
- "If you build beds, will she come?"
- "I'm a malicious wounder with a heart of gold!"
- Is Gold Tooth Wonder Lamondre laundering money through Andrea's Eyeclass business? Her sulsters will not be happy about this!
- OP doesn't think it shocked anyone that Lemonade and his Louis XIV dentures are not getting out of prison
- Sulster Cheryl laughing in her sister's face was a whole damn mood
- also two very young recovering addicts should not be on this show or together


This episode is brought to you by, "Rise Pupamber!"
Tags: arrest / arrest warrant, reality show, you in danger

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