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Awkward moments and Sonia Sotomayor"GMA3: Strahan,Sara,& KeKe"

- The co-host's shared awkward moment's. When Sara worked as an NBC page, she told a stars mother how proud she must be for her little boy. The woman was the stars wife. Keke mistook Benjamin bratt for another actor and Strahan asked when a woman was due and she had already had the baby.


[Spoiler (click to open)]

- Sonia Sotomayor came on to promote her new children's book. "Just ask! Be different,be brave, be you".

- Justice Sotomayor was inspired by a friend's daughter who has a rare condition,who had read a book about the Justice's fight with juvenile diabetes. The book tells of kids with some of the most common conditions. Visible and invisible, like blindness and attention deficit disorder.


- Justice Sotomayor reads an excerpt from her book to children, including Sara's 4 year old Alec.


Ontd: What are the most awkward or foot in the mouth moments that stick in your memory?

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