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The View: Kim Kardashian, Debate Debrief

Kim Kardashian

Summary of conversation [Spoiler (click to open)]
[Real question what is it like to sit on butt implants are you off balance?]

Shows children photos. Talks about taking care of them, being responsible for them. Says Kanye is on a no-help kick so she makes him do stuff, but the kids just want mommy.

Joy moves to prison reform. Talks about her dad, their conversations about him being a lawyer. Draws connection how she learned about Alice Marie Johnson case. Said she wanted to go to law school and she has an attorney with her every step of the way. Four states have reading the law program, requires 60 credits of college (she had 75), a corporation has to sponsor you (Cut50 Van Jones firm). She has to go and study and take the bar. Sunny said she thought -just go to real law school, then she researched it, said she’s happy for K to do this. K brags about her test scores. She didn’t like school but she loves this, said everyone else is at NYFW but she’s studying. Plans to take bar in 2024. Mentions Kanye wants to move to Wyoming but she lives in Calif so that’s the bar she’ll take. Meghan mentions Tr/mp visit, likes bipartisan, was she worried about backlash. K says her issue has been more about the people vs the politics, so she felt it was self-centered to avoid him because of her opinions about him vs helping this person. Said it was amazing to get bill passed.

Whoopi brings up her lingerie line. The panel talks about the comfort. Picking the right fabric was important. K says she was a stylist (?). She put her heart and soul into getting it right. Joy brings up the name issue, appropriating Japanese culture. K talks about cancel culture and her mental process of changing the name. Said they already had garments with the original name, ended up putting a second label on top of it. Abby is wearing one of the body suits, she likes it.

Sunny mentions church service. K talks about his evolution of being born again, saved by Christ. A musical ministry. Sometimes pastors talk, but mostly musical. Not a 501c yet (charitable classification). Abby says it’s S17 of KUWTK. Plugs health scare for next episode. K says she tested positive for rheumatoid arthritis and lupus, but watch the show for the real diagnosis. Meghan brought up that Khloe still talks to her dad. Kim keeps their memory alive, talks about him, same as Kanye’s mom. They go to his favorite restaurant on his birthday [we do that, too, for my dad]. She met with a medium. Her dad wanted her to read a book but she blew it off, then after he died, she came across the book and read it and met the author and it’s meaningful to her. The book is called Embraced by the Light.

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Ontd how do you keep your loved ones in your memory after they passed?

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