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Felicity Huffman Sentenced in Varsity Blues Scandal

Felicity Huffman punishment for the College Admission Scandal is 14 days of imprisonment, $30,000 fine, supervised probation, and 250 hours of community service


Huffman was in court with her husband to receive the decision on her sentencing

Huffman had already plead guilty to the charges, submitted a statement of remorse during her guilty plea, and had character witness letters submitted on her behalf

After the Prosecution [below] and Defense [below] gave their statements, Huffman spoke to the judge. She apologized to students, colleges, and everyone she impacted with her decision to do this. She then broke down and said she'll have eternal shame for what she did

[The Prosecution]
The Prosecution
Federal prosecutors had recommended 30 days in jail, a $20,000 fine, and 1 year probation

Prosecutors wanted Huffman to be an example because the much bigger fish in this scandal (talking to you Aunt Becky and your MAGA husband) were being flippant and didn't take the charges seriously

During court proceedings, federal prosecutors said Huffman is extremely talented and will recover from this negative publicity and she already has a new Netflix movie signed before sentencing

[The Defense]
The Defense
Defense team recommended no prison time, one year probation, a fine, and 250 hrs community service

Defense team said Huffman didn't enlist her daughter so she wasn't complicit, didn't have her daughter pretend to be someone else, and after re-visiting her moral compass, did not pursue scandal for her other daughter. [Shade to Aunt Becky lol]

Defense team said Huffman came to her senses before she knew about the investigation, by choosing not to do the same for her other daughter

[The Judge]
The Judge
Judge said Huffman committed the smallest of the financial crimes (re/the admission scandal), didn't involve a child, didn't repeat crime, realized what she did was wrong, but trying to be a good mother didn't excuse her actions

[Info also from this tweet thread]
Info also from this tweet thread

Robert Goulston is a reporter for Boston 25 News

Ontd what do you think about this sentence?

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