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ONTD ORIGINAL: Contenders for Best Original Song 2020

I did this last year (twice) and quite enjoyed it. This year is even better, because so far, there are no clear frontrunners. The criteria is:

  • Written for the movie

  • Heard within the movie or the first song in the credits

  • Something about length, at least 2 minutes, though I think "Remember Me" just falls underneath that, so I could be wrong.

Sure, it might be "Speechless". Or it might be whatever from "Frozen II" (More on that later). Or it could even be a new Taylor Swift song from "Cats"! Wouldn't that be...a thing! But, it could also be one of these.

Beyonce - "Spirit"- "The Lion King (2019)"

"While you're trembling, that's when the magic happens."

Now, I didn't see this movie, but from what I've learned, yes, this song is hammered in at a moment where Nala is walking around. Wouldn't it be wonderful to see Beyonce perform with all of the dancers behind her on the Oscar stage. This MV looked more dynamic and energetic than the movie.

Other Nominations: Best Visual Effects. In another year, Disney might be deluded enough to try and press for Best Picture (Remember last year when they tried really hard for "Mary Poppins Returns"), but they're probably throwing all their effort behind "Endgame".

Elton John, Taron Edgerton - (I'm Gonna) Love Me Again - "Rocketman"

"For trust is left in lovers after all."

Confession: I haven't finished this. There's nothing horrendous about it, and as a sucker for movies about troubled British rockstars, I expected to be more engaged. This is another performance that would be insane to hear and see live.

Other Nominations: Best Actor for Taron Edgerton. I mean, after all, I hadn't seen Bohemian Rhapsody either but that...went...far.

Tiffany Haddish (& cast) - "Not Evil" - The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part

"I never cheat, I never bribe,
I never scheme, I never lie,
and that wasn't a lie what i just said just now
and I never lie 'cause I NEVER lie.
I never laugh when children cry,
I never poison enemies of mine,
I never cry when I'm alone at night,
'cause I'm never sad, I love my life!

Ah, one of many very, very, very late sequels to animated movies that came out this year. Despite the plot being[Spoiler (click to open)]Beware toxic masculinity & also, she's really not evil., it's...too late and too slow to get started. And it's a musical! This is probably the best song in it, an malicious club banger. Though I can see Catchy Song being nominated over it. Or neither of them. Probably neither.

Other Nominations: I'd say "Best Animated Feature", but even the first one didn't get nominated and this has far more live action pieces. And is a lot less engaging despite a far better plot.

Lana Del Rey, Miley Cyrus, & Ariana Grande - "Don't Call Me Angel" - "Charlie's Angels (2019)"

"I back it off the county line."

Okay, well, this isn't out, but it starts the... Individuals of Pop (Arguably the song could be "Don't Call Me Appropriator"). Sony made this song so people could have an earworm up until its release in November 2019. It'll play during some badly edited action sequence and during the credits and we'll all just forget about it.

Other Nominations: ....Costumes? Look, probably not a damn thing.

Thom York, Flea - "Daily Battles" - "Motherless Brooklyn"

"The lines are drawn
For daily battles
And I can mend
I cannot stop"

This may be the most likely song here to be nominated. It's quiet, there's a piano, there's a trumpet, this man's voice has a hint of scratch to it.

Other Nominations: It's looking like "Awardless Brooklyn" from over here.

Remember up there, when I put a pin in "Frozen II" stuff? Well, there are two songs titled already - "Into The Unknown" and "Some Things Never Change". Based upon the title alone I think "Into The Unknown" is winning. Just a feeling. So instead, I'll leave you with the best song from the "Frozen" franchise that never got its due for two reasons:

Idina Menzel, Kirsten Bell, Josh Gad - "When We're Together" - "Olaf's Frozen Adventure"

"I don't need the bells to ring,
I'll know when it's here.
'Cause when we're together,
I could stay forever."

1) It was in a theatrical short that no one wanted to see in front of "Coco".
2) I do not think there are rules about nominating songs from shorts.

None of the movies I watched this year really have any original songs (Well we could count Dua Lipa's Swan Song, but do we want to?), so what have you seen that could possibly fit the bill?

sources under the videos.
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