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Superhero Fantasy Football League starts their trash talking, and who is backing it up after week 1

*As previously posted, ESPN and AGBO Studios have paired up to form a NFL Fantasy Football league to generate some dollars and exposure for some worthy charities.

*In a video posted by ESPN, you can find out from Joe Russo how the league started. The beginning of the video contains some mild trash talking from Ryan Reynolds, Chris Evans, Chris Pratt, and Karen Gillian. (side note--is Pratt's Jesus diet working? His face looks like he's lost weight.)

*Who is winning after the first week, and who are they playing for?

*After week 1, Chris Pratt is in the lead with 147 points and a 1-0 record.

*Karen Gillian is in last place with 61 points and an 0-1 record.

*My future husband Chris Evans is firmly in the middle of the pack in 7th place with a 1-0 record and 86 points. He shockingly didn't draft Tom Brady who was available until the 10th round until Ryan Reynolds (2nd place with a 1-0 record and 129 points) selected him.

*Miles Teller(9th place 0-1 with 106 points) is forcing me to root for his team because he drafted Dak Prescott.

*In the end it's all for these charities:

-The Rape Foundation (Elizabeth Olsen)
-Mickey's Line(Karen Gillian)
-Stem NOLA (Anthony Mackie)
-The Brain Treatment Foundation (Chris Pratt)
-SickKids Foundation of Canada (Ryan Reynolds)
-My Brother's Keeper Alliance (Michael B. Jordan)
-National Allaince on Mental Illness (Miles Teller)
-Christopher's Haven (Chris Evans)
-The Brothers Trust (Tom Holland)
-The Australian Childhood Foundation (Chris Hemsworth)
-Big Slick, Children's Mercy Hospital in Kansas City (Paul Rudd)
-Guy Aquino’s Sacred Hearts Treatment Services for Addiction(RDJ)
-The Jimmy V Foundation (ESPN's Matthew Berry)
-The Arthritis Foundation (Joe Russo)

Chris Evans and Chris Pratt talk about their upcoming battle of the Chris's in week 2:

You can follow along with the league all season at ESPN's League Page. Or I'll post stuff if any entertaining info comes out of it (although only league members can access the message board/chat which is probably where all the super entertaining trash talk is located!)

Source 1, Source 2 Source 3

Cevans watching his stats each week like...

evans pray.gif
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