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I’ll be your favorite worst mistake.

Influencer’s Haemorrhoid Cream Advert Goes Viral and Leaves Followers In Stitches

There really isn’t anything influencers won’t advertise to make a quick buck.

Kyle Boen (@stayfoxx), a lifestyle and fitness influencer with a modest following of around 61,000 followers, went viral after someone shared and tweeted his sponsored post on Twitter for Preparation H Totables wipes.

“Sometimes I’ve had friends who couldn’t go on hikes with me because of hemorrhoid discomfort and it was a real bummer,” wrote Boen on Instagram. “You also may love the outdoors but find it difficult to venture out for this same reason. Have no fear because Preparation H now comes in an easy to carry totable size. Yep! Preparation H Totables are small enough to tuck away in your pack for easy access and quick relief. Don’t let hemorrhoid discomfort get in the way of your next big adventure. Now get out there and explore your world.”

After going viral, Boen seemed to laugh it off being the “butt” of a joke and took it in stride with a follow up post. See it behind the cut.



ONTD, would you shill anything on Instagram for a few pesos?

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