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Jennifer Lopez and fashion week "GMA3: Strahan,Sara,& KeKe"

- Jennifer Lopez came on to promote" Hustler's" that co stars Keke.

- When presented with Oscar talk she said it was overwhelming and humbling and it is great to be in the conversation.


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[Spoiler (click to open)]

- The co host share that Keke learned the song " Amor Prohibido" after seeing " Selena" and never sang it to Jennifer. Keke and Jennifer end up singing the song together.


- Keke made her runway debut at fashion week and they show some behind the scenes footage. Sara was loud and proud for her friend.


- A game was played called Hustler's 101 where if you got an answer right you got a selfie with Keke and Jennifer. If you got it wrong you had to show off your pole dancing skills. It got interesting at the 5:10 mark with player Mike.


- Jennifer says her kids get who she is now. They are 11 and go to separate schools. Her son said everyone asked if she was his mom and why his name is not Lopez.

- She took her daughter on tour with her and says she is a talented girl who can do anything and the show clips of her daughter singing. Days her son in big on tech.


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