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The View: Jennifer Lopez, Democratic Debate Briefing, Hot Topics

Jennifer Lopez

She looks so good

Summary of conversation [Spoiler (click to open)]
Her mom is in the audience. Sunny says the last time she saw JLo was at her concert dancing with her mom and her feet hurt so bad the next day. Brings up engagement to ARod says they’re working on it. People wondered why she put her age out there, JLo says why not. Panel talks about ageism. She was 25 yrs old when she did Selena. [Icymi watch Out of Sight she and Clooney have crackling chemistry]. Joy wondered the most important thing she learned, she says it was the journey of appreciating herself and knowing her own value vs waiting on someone else to validate her, plus her beautiful children.

Meghan brings up her meeting the Notorious RBG. What can we do to stop being divided? JLo says they (she and ARod) watched her docu the weekend they got engaged. How much impact RBG has had and she had this great marriage, she really wanted to meet her. ARod arranged the meeting, it was supposed to be 15 mins but it became 1 hr. RBG says (metaphorically) it helps to be a little deaf, an unkind word, everybody has bad days, let things roll off, her superpower is being calm. Abby brings up how JLo helps bridge the divide through her slapping music. Talks about her show in Moscow, how many fans were there. People just want to dance sing celebrate. Sunny says her show is such a party. Shows children photos, a clip of her daughter singing on stage with her, JLo tears up (aww).

Moves to Hustlers plays clip. She stars and produces, based on true story, Oscar buzz. Sunny says her community has had Rita Moreno and JLo. JLo says she’s grateful for her career, but this is special when people in the same community are praising her. She feels overwhelmed, doesn’t want to talk about it. JLo talks about the basis of the story. Timeline is just before and after the recession. Lots of other women on the crew. Meghan says she was expecting hustlers, but says it’s very timely, a lot of relevant social commentary. Lots of big name cameos, they don’t reveal names or spoilers. Sunny talks about when her character first comes on screen, whew. Everyone is going to flock to the gym and learn how to pole dance!

The J Lo Down Game
Fave song Jenny from the Block
Fave movie Selena
Doesn’t have a name for who should play her in a film about her life, then says her daughter
Skips best male costar kisser
Fashion role model a Bronx Jackie O fusion
Skips the person she wants to collaborate with

Hot Topic Democratic Debate Cage Match III

(Panel jokes) Joe vs Elizabeth WWE Smackdown lol. Joy wants Elizabeth to put Bernie in a headlock. Yang needs to surprise, didn’t wear a tie last debate. Meghan said he was going to wear a gold chain (per his twitter), she likes his sense of levity. (Panel settles in) Abby says Sanders and Warren are fighting for the same voters, They don’t want anymore bashing Obama who is liked by 97% of Americans plus he’s not running. Sunny mentions a Biden-Warren ticket and discusses that Tr/mp doesn’t know how to deal with a female opponent. Meghan brings up Kamala, says if she doesn’t have a moment, she’s over. The four to watch are Biden-Warren-Yang-Sanders.

Joy likes Warren but worries the country won’t vote for Warren because she’s M4A without private insurance, and must counteract Tr/mp lie that Dems want open borders, when what they really want is robust immigration reform. Meghan talks campaign strategy, says that Tr/mp ads are writing themselves. Says you have to think about a general election, running for all of America not only your party nomination. Sunny says Kamala is the poc polling higher than the others. Can’t discount the woc vote. Whoopi thinks it’s too early, you’ll know when you know. Whoopi has said she likes Yang, but hasn’t said she wants him to be Potus. She wants -here are 5 great ideas from all the candidates, let’s get it done, doesn’t want them bashing each other on their own demographics.

Hot Topic Dixie Chicks Ready To Make Nice

Dixie Chicks were mean to Bush43 a really long time ago (2003) and were the earliest victim of cancel culture. [Icymi they were banned from radio play, crazy]. TSwift has a song that names Dixie Chicks and fans are ~still mad. Abby points out that she likes Dixie Chicks, doesn’t really like artists being political, but she doesn’t believe it should stop an artist. Sunny repeats Natalie remarks, made in London, that was just before the Fake War [well, the war was real, but the justification was fake]. Meghan says she wouldn’t bash a president while overseas, but she loves the Dixie Chicks, and loves the song they did with Beyonce at CMA, wants them back on the scene. Whoopi wonders how they can be held to a different standard than Tr/mp himself (who is complete trash). Says it’s been 16 yrs and we have the right to free speech. The panel is unanimous that they (may or may not) have agreed with the remarks and timing, but they love the Dixie Chicks, think they’re very talented, we’re in a hellscape that makes what Natalie said seem quaint, grow up, get over it, artists say a whole lot worse now (about Tr/mp) but they’re not getting cancelled.

Hot Topic Share Your School Picture

Fun segment. National school picture day, panel shows their photos. Joy posted her photo on insta, says she went to an all-girls school, wants women she went to school with to comment using maiden names, because they’ve surely changed a lot of times (lol). Sunny was in her grade school uniform and patent leather shoes. Abby says hers looks like a Mormon or someone from Little House on the Prairie, used to hate all the bows in her hair, now she does that with her daughter. Meghan shows her nerdy child photo wearing glasses. Audience member said she had a glow-up. Whoopi doesn’t show her photo because the last time, internet meanies did stuff and it took forever to get it taken down [Idk what that was about]

Hot Topic Once a Cheater Always a Cheater (Sometimes)

Someone claimed a relationship born from an affair can never work. Joy disagrees, sometimes it works. Abby and Sunny say be careful, you lose them how you catch them. Joy says people used to live until 40ish so let them live (with new partner). Meghan wonders if the two choices are die or have an affair. Joy says hey people live to be 90 yrs old now, do what you want.

PSA not everyone meets their mate-for-life on the first try, every relationship is different. Sometimes there’s overlap, and then sometimes there are scoundrels who just can’t ever be faithful, so love yourself first and always.

ALERT Next Democratic Debate Thursday 12 September 8PM-11PM Eastern in Houston TX on ABC and Univision

Ontd do you like your school photos?

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