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What happened on The Hills finale? Plus Audrina spills some lukewarm tea

[Spoiler (click to open)]
-Brandon Lee broke up with his "exclusive friend" Ashley because she couldn't handle him being gone a few days while he mended his relationship with his father, Tommy Lee

-Whitney admitted to Kaitlynn that she had a miscarriage and felt guilty that she was okay with it because she was so overwhelmed with motherhood

-Ashley Wahler (wife of Jason) kept gossiping out of concern that Brody was having threesomes, saying why would Kaitlynn want to be pregnant if that's going on?

-Brody and Kaitlynn said they were very happy together; Kaitlynn proceeded to say that all women were "a little bit lesbian" (what foreshadowing!)

-Whitney told Kaitlynn that Ashley was talking about her. She finally confronted her and dropped the bomb(?) that she partakes in those threesomes and she's fully in control of what's going on. She also told Ashley she didn't have to share her opinion with everyone else and keeps things quiet because people can't handle the truth!

-Heidi and Spencer, the most stable couple on the show, renewed their vows. Heidi sang "Glitter and Glory," which Whitney wondered if it was actually a live performance (OP note: It didn't seem like it)

-Justin's new gal Lindsey declared that she was his girlfriend, and he sort of went along with it. Sorry Stephanie and Audrina!

-Justin apologized to Audrina for being a dbag

Audrina was On Air With Ryan Seacrest, and shared the following:

-She wasn't in a good place while filming, as she was going through her divorce and a custody battle
-She says Brody and Kaitlynn are still good friends and love each other
-She's not into dating or social media flirting; she prefers relationships
-Someone notable slid into her DMs and she was shocked! "Wow, so I guess famous people do use Instagram to reach out to other people"

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