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Renner Rennsday Update: His Ex-Wife Wants Full Custody Of Their Child....Again! & More App Fun!

Jeremy Ex-Wife want full physical & legal custudy of their 6 year-old child & demands that any visits the child makes to her father are monitored. The custody hearing in November.

This is not the first time his ex-wife has demanded custody of the child. There have also been accusations of extortion & of Jeremy not paying child support.

A The Social Network Inspired Jeremy Renner App Parody!

Jeremy Renner's App Developer: 'This Is a Freak Situation'
I'm sorry to report that I have extended the Jeremy Renner app news cycle— Brian Barrett (@brbarrett) September 6, 2019 ">https://

The CEO says that the troll attack was a freak situation but since Jeremy Renner's app is one of over 500 the companies has they don't seem too worried but do admit it could have been better handled.


Starts at 2:09

The host discusses the 1,000 True Fan theory: If you can get a 1,000 people to trully care about your work, it is possible to make a living at something.

He posted a photo of Jeremy with the workds Free Porno or Porno Free (?) in the background.

Chrisssy Teigen Echoes My Thoughts!

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