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Riverdale's Camila Mendes Talks Past Sexual Assault + Former Eating Disorder in Women's Health


Riverdale actress Camila Mendes spoke to Women's Health Magazine about physical and mental health and talked about being sexually assaulted. "I made all sorts of shitty friends in college in the beginning. Freshman year is in training wheels. I had a very, very bad experience; I was roofied by someone who sexually assaulted me. That set me on a whole inner turmoil." She was able to work through it with the help of a high school friend who also went to NYU with her. "We were together a lot. So, at least I had him—he was there, and that like made everything great. He rooted me and grounded me in a way. I was constantly searching for security in other people."

On her rib tattoo "to build a home": "I got the tattoo after my freshman year. It reminded me what's important to me, building a home, within myself and in my environment."

On her former eating disorder and the recovery process: "I've only recently kind of gotten better. It's something that's still a curse to me. It's not like that ever goes away. Whenever I do feel insecure, I go back to health. What can I do that's healthy? Health is what's important, not appearance. That mentality is what takes me out of the insecure, anxious thoughts [...] And sometimes that is eating ice cream because I want to eat ice cream because the not eating ice cream before or the not letting myself do things was what really fucked with my happiness." She also credits having a nutritionist for helping.

"What you can do is just take care of yourself. That is all you can do. That has cured me."


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