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The View: Stephen King, 911 Anniversary, Hot Topics

Stephen King

Summary of conversation [Spoiler (click to open)]
Whoopi says in the last 45 years, if something scared the poo out of you, then it probably came from the mind of Stephen King. His new book is called The Institute.

He lol and says he got to them as kids and now they’re mine forever (rubs hands together like Mr Burns). Whoopi says that’s her, and she’s excited to play Mother Abigail in CBS The Stand limited series. King is rewriting the ending because he’s not that happy with what happened with Stu and Fran. It will be On Demand, so they can do ~more than a traditional network show. Meghan fawns over him, loves The Shining. King says he and his wife had a weekend off from their kids, they stopped at the Stanley Hotel and voila! Had to pay cash lol, they were the only ones there, wind whipping.

Mentions the sequel Dr. Sleep. Said he wasn’t crazy about The Shining Kubrick film (wat! It’s one of the more watchable Kubrick works). Moves on to The Institute, wanted to write about defenseless children locked up, with adults performing tests on them, reminded him of horrible experiments in WWII. Says he likes to keep his politics separate, because people like stories. As he was writing it, irl America was locking kids up in cages, oof. Life imitating art. Sunny is the resident scare-dy cat. Said two Halloweens ago, the producers wanted to get Pennywise to jump out and scare her (plays clip).

Despite her saying it’s not funny, THEY DO IT AGAIN (last clip)

[I don’t like clowns, this is cruel to her ☹]

Hot Topic 18 Years Ago 911

Lots of films and tv shows are going back to older published works and removing images of the Twin Towers. Whoopi feels this is dystopian and revisionist history. Whoopi doesn’t want to see the events on 911 because that’s triggering but our history (existence of the buildings) shouldn’t be removed as if they never existed. Joy wonders if victims should be asked what they prefer, but Abby thinks even that may give mixed results. We’re officially at a time now where people are becoming adults who weren’t alive when 911 happened. Meghan doesn’t want it exploited. We should read the dark parts of history so we learn from mistakes. 16 children of first responder victims are becoming firefighters today. Whoopi wants all the networks to create only one special, aired by all of them, that includes how everyone came together in the immediate aftermath. They want historical documentaries just like have been done with (example WWII) so people understand who what where when how why, and what we can do.

It’s state law in NY to observe 1 min of silence, Sunny thinks it should be national. More love for NYC, panel reminisces. Whoopi didn’t like that not everyone is observing moments of silence, only 26% members of House appeared this morning. Whoopi feels everyone should be out there honoring what you didn’t have to do, that they (first responders, victims) did.

[Sidebar: In yet another scream into the void rage inducing event, Liar in Chief gave a speech this morning where he lied, lied, lied /again/ about where he was and what he did (not do) on 911.]

Hot Topic Yosemite Sam’s Mustache Got Fired Yesterday

[Click here icymi]
John Bolton is a war hawk who hates Iran. But he was the only one vehemently against inviting the Taliban to Camp David for a meeting [how is this real life]. Then yesterday there was a planned joint press conference with Pompeo & Mnuchin saying Mango Mussolini would meet directly with Iran’s Rouhani with no pre-conditions. Bolton was supposed to be there, too, but was fired-by-twitter an hour before, because he was the lone holdout on. Bolton says he offered his resignation the previous night, but of course Pouty McFussypants wanted to make a reality show spectacle of it. Mango Mussolini is not going to be happy until he is pen-pals with every dictator in Putin’s pocket.

NSA Bolton is out (see above). Joy says Bolton is awful, too. Then switches to Tr/mp, lists all the names the fired have called Tr/mp (before they were fired). Tillerson = moron, Mattis = brain of a 5th grader, Kelly = idiot, Cohn = dumb as bleep, HR McMaster = dope. Wonders how many more does he have to fire, who say he’s stupid, when will people get it together and get rid of him. Sunny says Bolton was too hawkish, but sixteen people have gone from his admin, including 4 NSA, now our foreign policy is in shambles. Whoopi says she called it the day after election, that Tr/mp surrounds himself with only people who praise him.

Meghan adds that Tr/mp wanted to pull 5K troops from Afgh. which Pompeo was giddy about (plays clip). Bolton is the first to sorta spar with Tr/mp over twitter, disputing his departure, and was texting media immediately afterwards. Supposedly Bolton leaked the info that Tr/mp said he should nuke a hurricane (except that was already rumored to be his now-fired assistant). Abby says Tr/mp gets his recruits from Fox News appearances. Sunny reminds that he fires people on twitter never in person /coward.

Hot Topic Smoking is Bad Don’t Do It

Vaping with e-cigarettes is killing people, stop immediately. Certainly not near the proportion of manufactured cigarettes (or joints) but who thought it was going to be a bright idea anyway.

Whoopi says she was a vaper because she thought it was better but says people should STOP until they figure out what is killing people. Abby talks about how young kids are, who have taken up vaping. Sunny said her child’s middle school was doing a symposium on vaping, illustrating how young kids are being affected. Major illness and deaths from vaping are occurring with both nicotine and marijuana. Whoopi covers CA regulatory laws because they don’t want the issue, making sure the cartridges are as advertised. Says kids shouldn’t be doing it anyway.

Whoopi reads Sunny legal disclaimer: Juul is cooperating with authorities, no indication that their products are behind the illnesses or deaths. But stop doing it, it may kill you.
Whoop then makes correction: Juul is not the only company involved. But still stop doing it until they figure out the issue.

Hot Topic Nick Jonas Gets Dragged for Cigar

Priyanka Chopra’s husband, JoBros Nick, is on the cover of Cigar Aficionado magazine holding a cigar. The internet is dragging him because he’s supposed to be a Disney role model. The panel says leave him alone, he’s a grown man, are we supposed to never have fun again. Sunny is uncomfortable with people holding celebrities as role models then cancel them when they do something that they disagree with. Joy thinks cigars are smelly, gross, and blech. Abby says this got more attention vs all the good work Nick does. He has Type I Diabetes and is more healthy than most everyone, does a lot of charitable good, get over it. They talk about Ana had a variety of Cuban cigars at her wedding, it was a one-off thing. Whoopi says everyone needs to relax. For everyone dragging him, what are you doing.

ALERT Next Democratic Debate Thursday 12 September 8PM-11PM Eastern in Houston TX on ABC and Univision

Ontd how are you feeling today, are you sad, where were you, what were you doing, how did you find out?

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