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"Boy meets World" stars William Daniels and Bonnie Bartlet"Today"

- William Daniels who played Mr. Feeny and Bonnie Bartlet who played Dean Bolander spoke of the show "Boy meets world" on "Today"

-Daniels, 92, says he didn't want to make fun of teachers as they are very important and underpaid and he wanted Mr. Feeny to be treated with respect and was very happy with how the writers did just that.

- Bartlet, 90, joined the cast in the college years and found it easy to work with her real life husband of 68 years. They worked together on the drama St. Elsewhere where they both won Emmy's on the same night.

- Bartlet did not like a scene with bees. Did not know there was a bee wrangler who had the bees not be able to sting, but it wore off quickly.

-Bartlett liked the Mr. Feeny and Dean Bolander got married since you don't see older people on television doing that often.

- Daniels took his work seriously and says the kids fooled around and talked a lot and he stayed in his dressing room until they calmed down. He loves seeing them at the conventions now.

- When asked by Bartlet why is the show beloved Daniels says he has no idea. He is happy for it, as many teachers become tearful when meeting him. He says you never know how a project will work out.


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