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NFL Wide Receiver Antonio Brown Accused of Rape, Denies Allegations

-Accused of sexually assaulting and raping his trainer, Britney Taylor, during 3 separate encounters
-First in June 2017 when Brown exposed himself and kissed her without consent
-A month later, Brown masturbated near her without her knowledge and ejaculated on her back, then later bragged about it in a series of text messages.
-He reached out months later to apologize and she agreed to train him again
-The rape occurred on May 20, 2018. [TW for details]"Brown cornered [her] forced her down onto a bed, pushed her face into the mattress, and forcibly raped her." She tried to fight back but Brown was too strong. She screamed and cried repeatedly shouting "no" and telling him to "stop."
-Brown's lawyer, Darren Heitner, said in a statement Tuesday night that the receiver and Taylor were involved in a "consensual personal relationship. Any sexual interaction with Mr. Brown was entirely consensual."

Sources: 1, 2, 3, 4
Tags: sports / athletes - football (nfl / cfl)

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