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petty cakes

Jennifer Lopez gets emotional about Oscar buzz

During her SiriusXM interview, Hoda begins reading the rave reviews for "Hustlers" to Jennifer Lopez. Hoda quotes The Hollywood Reporter, "Jennifer Lopez is poised to land her first Oscar nomination for Hustlers."

After the room praises Jennifer, Hoda asks, "Can you just sit with that for one second? What that feels like."

Jennifer Lopez tearfully responds, "I’ve just been working hard for so long, you know, for my whole life so it’s nice," she says as she tries to hold back the tears. "I literally sat in my bed yesterday and they were sending me all the reviews and I could not believe it. I was just crying."

Jennifer continues, "You know, you work hard your whole life! And you wonder if anybody notices, in a sense like on that level to be considered in that conversation. You know, you have dreams as a little girl of being there, you know what I mean?"

Her role in Selena deserved!
Tags: actor / actress, award show - academy awards, interview, jennifer lopez

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