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Woman who accused Neymar Jr of rape is indicted for extortion, fraud, filing false police report

Najila Trindade, the Brazilian woman who accused PSG player Neymar Jr of raping and beating her in a hotel room in Paris, has been indicted for extortion, fraud and filing of a false police report. Her ex-husband, Estivens Alves, has also been indicted of fraud and divulging erotic content. (He is accused of giving a reporter erotic content of Najila, in exchange for writing).

There is no more info at this time. Now the prosecution will have to confirm that they want to charge Najila and Estivens, and a judge will have to accept. Then they officially become defendants.

In July, the police finished the investigation on the accusations against Neymar, choosing not to indict him for any crimes. The chief of police, Juliana Bussacos, considered that Najila's statements and the evidence that was presented were contradictory and that there was not enough evidence to indict Neymar. The Director of the Police, during a press conference, said the chief was not convinced that there had been a crime. He also confirmed that Najila was already being investigated for possibly filing a false police complaint. One of the prosecutors assigned to the case, Flavia Merlini, said that all of the official exams of Najila showed no evidence of physical assault and that Najila's claims were weakened by the fact that she did not give the police the cell phone in which she claimed she had proof of the rape. "She mentioned the whole time that the proof of what she was alleging was in her phone, but first she refused to surrender it, then she said it had disappeared".

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