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‘Desperate Housewives’ Creator Marc Cherry Confirms One Star Had ‘Behavioural Problems’


update to this post

Show creatoer Marc Cherry also wrote a letter of support for Felicity Huffman, recalling probelms with an unnamed cast member:

"We had a problematic cast member on my show. She was a big star with some big behavioral problems. Everyone tried their darnedest to get along with this woman over the course of the show. It was impossible. And things went from bad to worse."

"At some point during season seven this woman decided she would no longer speak to her fellow cast members. She would only communicate with the directors who were then forced to pass on her throughs to her co-stars. This was alternately maddening and hilarious."

“Felicity still insisted on saying, ‘Good morning’ to this actress, even though she knew she wouldn’t get a response. I found out about this and asked Felicity about it. She smiled and said, ‘Just because that woman’s determined to be rude, doesn’t mean she can keep me from being polite.'”

(Nicollette Sheridan was long gone by season seven, so....)

and Huffman's kindness towards an elderly guest star:

“It moved me to tears — this formerly great performer was struggling with practically every word. But Felicity Huffman was right next to her, treating her with so much kindness… Felicity remained patient, supportive and helped this old woman through the day, turning what could have been a very tense situation into a master class on human compassion.”
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