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Princess Haya appointed Deputy Chief of Mission at the Jordanian Embassy in Britain

- a court order has been issued instructing protection for Princess Haya and her two children,

- British authorities rejected the asylum petition of Princess Haya,

- Jordanian King Abdullah appointed his half-sister Princess Haya as the Deputy Chief of Mission at the Jordanian Embassy in the UK,

- Jordanian Foreign Minister Ayman Safadi believes this will harm Jordanian interest with the UK,

- Haya’s full brother Prince Ali Bin Al Hussein intervened into the matter obtaining support from Palestinian Arabs, Hamas and Qatar,

- London has to yet accept or refuse Haya as a diplomat,

- London may not accept her and ask to leave,

- Qatar is willing to take her as a diplomat,

- it is believed Haya committed crimes by maintaining extra-marital affairs with multiple men and stole hundreds of millions of dollars from her husband,

- Sheikh Mohammed threatened of withdrawing his investments from the UK if she doesn't get deported to Dubai,

- he also wants to obtain custody of their children.

source: twitter
Tags: legal / lawsuit, royalty / royal family
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