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The View: Bianca Andreescu, Will Hurd, Hot Topics

US Open Champ Bianca Andreescu

She’s cute. Joins the view with her BIG OLE TROPHY! Talks about playing her idol in the finals. Discussed her strategy to keep her nerves calm. Yay to Canada. Crowd was overwhelmingly rooting for Serena. Bianca even apologized when she won, said it was such a Canadian thing to do haha. Says Serena is a legend and a real kind person. Joy says the sisterhood is strong. Bianca is Canadian, but parents immigrated from Romania. She started playing when she was 10 yrs old, won her first Slam only 9 yrs later. Shows clip of Coco her dog (aww), who is her good luck charm and was at the match. She autographs some tennis balls and hits them into the tv audience. Crowd cheers wildly. Good for her.

Sean Duffy (R-WI) Leaving Office Due to Baby Health Issue

How did I not remember these folks were Real World Alumni?!?

Sean Duffy, from Real World Boston, has 8 children with wife and Real World San Francisco Rachel Campos. They’re expecting their 9th child in October, who has health complications including a heart condition. The Duffy’s are Roman Catholic (eg birth control is a no-no). Baby has holes in the heart, will require open heart surgery. Baby may also have developmental issues. Plays clip of gender reveal, talks about how in a large family not everyone is ever happy at the same time. Little boy is having a meltdown because the new baby is a [Spoiler (click to open)]girl.

Me-again is concerned about the 15 Congresspeople leaving. Hurd feels the GOP will still hold the seats, regardless of resignations. Hurd says Pelosi and Hoyer have been leading House since 2003 whereas GOP have had Boehner, Ryan, McCarthy (so, lol, they’re bad, and racist). Hurd is ride or die Tr/mp so pffft @ him. Joy calls out how many children they have, re/environment. Rachel talks about liberal coastal bubbles. Pfft @ her too. Rachel also talks about her new children’s book Paloma Wants to Be Lady Freedom based on that daughter’s first trip to DC. Rachel says in libraries there are a lot of books about diversity which is fine, but her book talks about what unites us, not what is different (rme).

Sad about the baby health issues but wth @ 9 babies egads.

Fun fact: When I started studying Spanish in 7th grade, my Spanish teacher gave us Spanish-influenced names, mine was Paloma 😊 which stayed with me through college (for Spanish classes)

Hot Topic Latest Campaign Gaffe This Time Kamala

Plays clip. NH Town Hall audience member says something about “mentally r/tarded” (Tr/mp). She responds, “(chuckle) Well said.” So she was called out for laughing at a remark that was derogatory. Kamala later said she didn’t really hear the entire comment, and condemned the usage. Whoopi feels that word shouldn’t be used by anyone, there are other words to use when describing someone. Abby feels like we’re in a race to take back the soul of the nation, and Kamala flubbed how she handled it. Abby reminds that McCain defended Obama as being a decent man, but Joy points out that Tr/mp isn’t a decent man. Sunny reminds that all the candidates including Biden are making gaffes and they get a pass, not to mention Tr/mp, and that Kamala shouldn’t be held to a different standard. Kamala didn’t say the word herself and Sunny thinks her apology was fine.

Meghan says some candidates do well off the cuff and feeding off energy of the crowd, vs those who do better with scripted speeches, like Obama (what? He’s great with ad-lib and a fun human with crowds). Meghan doesn’t blame her for the remark, but didn’t think her apology was ~enough. Rme. My Mother™ alert. Thinks Kamala should’ve phrased her apology differently plus plugged her own bill. Sunny reminds again that Kamala did apologize, more back n forth.

Dear The View
This was your Hot Topic? Tr/mp is grifting via Air Force, planned-then-cancelled a Taliban meeting at Camp David a week before 911. Do better.

Hot Topic Varsity Blues Scandal

The panel talks about Felicity Huffman pending sentencing. Discusses her position that she messed up, stressed about trying to be a good mom. Sunny brings up a homeless woman who put down a false address for her kid’s school*, vs Huffman prosecutors are proposing 30 days (plus fines and community service). The panel discusses that it wasn’t a victimless crime, didn’t like how her husband’s remarks were worded, he made reference to how they came guns-a-blazing to arrest her. Then they drag Aunt Becky for how she’s handled it, mocking the situation, etc.

*PSA – Try not to rely on twitter for your news, [waves Hello to tv show interns who read this] plus The View should know better as well, esp. Sunny-the-lawyer. Tanya McDowell wasn’t sentenced to jail simply because she put down a fake address to enroll her son in school. McDowell was arrested multiple times for dealing drugs (incl. cocaine), all within xxx feet of a school, which made the drug dealing more serious, as well as offering a prostitute to an undercover police officer. The 5 yrs prison + 5 yrs probation was the resulting plea deal, in lieu of a lot longer in prison due to the drug dealing charges. The plight of being homeless leading to criminal behavior plus whether or not the plea deal for all the other charges was an appropriate sentence is a different topic.

[Huffman has pleaded guilty to the charges. Character statements are common and can only affect possible sentencing.]

Hot Topic Wearing a Wedding Band

[This was cut from the clip but first there was some banter about taking your own snacks when you travel overseas because you won’t find Now-or-Laters lol I loved those as a kid!!]

Husband lost his wedding ring in an airport conveyer belt. Wife wrote in to Dear Abby. Panel talks about how sentimental they are to their wedding bands. Would you care or nah? Some trust their spouse regardless, others feel spouse should be proud to display they’re married, plus it gives signals (taken or available) to prospective flirters. Abby doesn’t like jewelry in general. Whoopi feels it starts with trust.

ALERT Next Democratic Debate Thursday 12 September 8PM-11PM Eastern in Houston TX on ABC and Univision

Ontd do you or your spouse wear wedding bands? Is that important to you? Have you ever heard of Now-or-Laters and what was your favorite flavor?

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