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new music post: september 9th

featuring death cab for cutie, björk, fever ray, vampire weekend & steve lacy, tegan & sara, rico nasty, the comet is coming, kero kero bonito, jenny hval, dean blunt & panda bear, reyna, arona mane, ashanti & afro b, tank & the bangas, ari lennox, & robin. s, crystal waters, & cece peniston:

death cab for cutie | the blue ep

björk | “features creatures” [the knife remix]

björk | “features creatures” [fever ray remix]

[more]fever ray | “this country makes it hard to fuck” [björk remix]

vampire weekend | “sunflower” (feat. steve lacy) [live at madison square garden]

tegan & sara | “hey, i'm just like you”

rico nasty | “fashion week”

hater | “it's a mess”

the comet is coming | “lifeforce [pt. ii]”

kero kero bonito | “when the fire comes”

jenny hval | “accident”

dean blunt & panda bear | “in plain sight”

dean blunt & panda bear | “moments”

cineplex | “hey” (feat. la biena querida)

reyna | the way i loved you”

arona mane | “sayin' i ain't fresh”

ashanti | “pretty little thing” (feat. afro b)

tank & the bangas | “forgetfulness”

ari lennox | “shea butter baby”/“bmo” (medley) [live at black girls rock! 2019

robin. s, crystal waters, & cece peniston | “show me love”/“g*psy woman (she's homeless)”/“finally” [live at black girls rock! 2019

ontd, how are you coping with the consistent disappointment of mondays; the hard caramels of days?
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