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Breaking the Harvey Weinstein story, Margaret Atwood+ Donny and Marie " Sunday Morning"

-Writers Jodi Kantor and Megan Twohey speak of what led up to their expose of Harvey Weinstein for the New York Times and their new book "She Said"

- Gwyneth Paltrow was one of the first sources to share her story of the time her agent sent her a fax to meet Weinstein at his hotel room for a meeting. The meeting ended with Weinstein putting his hands on her and saying "Let's finish this in the bedroom. Paltrow refused and told her than boyfriend Brad Pitt. After Pitt confronted Weinstein he was enraged and told Paltrow that she was going to screw up her entire career if she told anyone.

-Most of the woman wanted the stories to stay quiet. The famous ones said it was going to become a sleazy Hollywood sex story they didn't want to be involved in and the unknowns said that it would be the first Google search for them for the rest of their lives and be tainted by it forever.

- A company accountant helped them obtain information that helped break the story , such as an internal memo written by a literary scout in 2015 that detailed her own harassment and what she had heard from others.

- A 2016 memo shows how lawyer Lisa Bloom tried to discredit rose McGowan by planting stories about her. The memo: "Clearly she must be stoped in her ridiculous and defamatory attacks on you. She is dangerous. We can place an article where she is becoming increasingly unglued". Bloom says working for Weinstein was a colossal mistake and she would never again represent someone accused of discrimination or abuse.

-The writers say that their needs to be a push forward for systematic changes where both the accused and the accusers are adequately protected and believe there is more change to come.


[Spoiler (click to open)]

- Margaret Atwood speaks on the " Handmaid's tale" influence ahead of the sequel "The Testaments"

- She wrote the " Handmaid's Tale" while living in Berlin and speaks of the law in Romania at the time , where woman had to have four children and had to take pregnancy test every month.

-On the Handmaid's attire. " Concealment of the body. Limitation of the body. They can't see you ,but you can't see them". Also the the picture on the "old Dutch" cleaner package that shows a Dutch woman in a large blue dress.

-When asked if she intended the book to be a warning. " What does it matter what I intended or not, it is a warning". Atwood has never believed such actions could never not happen closer to home.

- Every atrocity in the book and the show had to have happened in real life somewhere. Atwood" The human race made it up unfortunately.

-Atwood grew up in the woods as her father was an etomologist. She decided she was a writer at 16.

- When asked what she is most proud of " I'm Canadian . We don't do most proud of. We do less embarrassed by".


- Donny and Marie talk new chapters in their lives. They are leaving their last Vegas residency after 11 sold out years. Donnie says you should know when to quite and move on.

- Marie is getting ready for her place on "The Talk" where she says there is no prep and Donnie is recording an album of all new material.

- Donny on teen fame:" I didn't have time for friends. I was on every teen magazine at that time ,but I was very lonely.

- Donny says an old agent was going to set up a fake drug bust to shed his squeaky clean persona. Marie says she was offered $5 million dollars to pose for "Playboy" but says she wouldn't want to see her mother in there and she really wanted to be a mom.

- Marie speaks of her son who took his own life 9 years ago
" You know, I don't think you're ever through it. I think God gives you respites and then all of a sudden it'll hit you like the day it did. The ripple effect is so huge, what you leave behind".


National suicide prevention lifeline. 1-800-273-8255

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