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Jennifer López SHINES in Hustlers!

"If you think equating Lopez to the sun is an exaggeration, then you haven't seen this movie."

"But not enough can be written about how stunning Lopez is in perhaps her best performance to date. Playing Ramona with understated confidence, the actress creates a tough cookie who keeps things light; she doesn’t question the rules of the game — she has studied them so she can break them properly. Far from an audacious, real housewife type, she represents a group of hardworking single mothers across America quietly struggling to provide for their children. It’s a nuanced depiction rarely seen in crowd-pleasing films like this."

"Lopez owns the film, just like Ramona owns the club, and the fine line Lopez walks between fierce queen and relatable everywoman is essential to the rare balance the film strikes. It’s impossible to imagine another actress giddily showing off her denim swimwear line (named “Swimona”) in her posh Upper East Side apartment with the kind of pathos Lopez strikes, but that’s just the sort of thing the actress does again and again (and better each time) in “Hustlers.”"

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justice for selena, karen, slim, marisa, and puchi, right ontd?
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