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Queen Ursula

Indya Moore pays tribute to murdered trans women with red carpet look

Pose star Indya Moore paid homage to the lives of all the American trans women who have been murdered in the US this year with a pair of earrings that displayed their photos.

"As you all know — or not — I am black and I am trans. Some of you may be uncomfortable with the politics of my speech, and I won’t apologize for that, because my life is politics... This year, sixteen known women were taken from us. On this day that I'm celebrated and awarded for being visible, I decided to bring them with me, I'm wearing them on my ears as earrings.”

Moore continued: “Trans people deserve safety, acknowledgement, and respect. Not just when we’re on the cover of magazines, but when we are in the streets, when we are poor, when we are sex workers. When our hair ‘aint laid. When we can’t afford Louis Vuitton. Or when we can’t get access to a hormone shot. And especially when we are dying.”


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Tags: actor / actress, black celebrities, lgbtq / rights, television - fx

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