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Chris Evans meets puppies in Toronto; Knives Out cast at TIFF 2019

Need a shot of adorable to make your Saturday less cloudy?

If so, may I present Chris Evans, and his magical 6th sense of knowing wherever dogs are present, seeking out the puppies at the Entertainment Weekly booth:

Of course, the former Captain America wasn’t there just to meet puppies, he was in Toronto along with the rest of the cast of the upcoming film Knives Out to promote and premiere the film at Toronto’s Film festival.

Daniel Craig And Jamie Lee Curtis talk about having a female Bond:

Jamie Lee Curtis was right at home on the Knives Out set:

Daniel Craig on his Knives Out accent:

Jamie Lee Curtis on why she became involved with the film:

Rian Johnson talks about Frank Oz and Chris Evans playing beer pong:

Chris Evans talks about not getting offered roles as assholes:

Toni Collette and Christopher Plummer talk about working in an ensemble cast:

Bonus Cevans with puppies:

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Do you like star studded mysteries and puppies ONTD?
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