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The View: Pamela Anderson, Scary Movies, Hot Topics

Pamela Anderson

Summary of conversation [Spoiler (click to open)]

[Insert BrigitteNielson.gif for most of this]

She accused a French soccer player of abuse and leading a double life, which he has denied. She’s back in Vancouver Island. Abby asked a few times to provide details, what happened. Pam talks in vague clichés, diverts to blaming Republican party for most issues that we’re facing /whiplash segue/. Visited Julian Assange several times, says he’s not doing very well. Thinks people fell for the smear campaign and embraced the propaganda. Doesn’t think Assange is protected in prison, likens his situation to Epstein. She liked the way Assange made her feel, thinks he’s very interesting.

Meghan brings up why Assange was kicked out of the Embassy (defecating everywhere, his horrible behavior). Pam says it’s a smear campaign, Meghan says there is video of his behavior. They fight over everything related to Assange. Joy points out Mueller report documented that Assange conspired with Russia to interfere in 2016 election. Summary of this section, Pam is ride or die for Assange, he is the innocent martyred victim. Joy points out that Assange had to have info on Tr/mp but only went after Hillary, clearly one-sided. Meghan shouts out that Assange is a cyberterrorist.

Meghan talks about Pam's Playboy days, quotes Pam saying MeToo is a bore. Pam doesn’t like 3rd Way Feminism, thinks we should save feminism from feminists. Thinks Hugh Hefner was a civil rights activist, empowered women, he was chivalrous. Abby wants to talk about the red bathing suit (Baywatch). They discuss the cut of the suit, that it’s flattering to any figure. Joy brings up her two sons, wondered how they handled it. Pam says they went to school in Canada, but now they’re adults, Brandon is making a film. Talks about both her sons and their careers, Dylan is making music.

Hot Topic What is the Scariest Movie You’ve Ever Seen

Whoopi and Meghan both saw Midsommar, said it was petrifying. Whoopi says it wasn’t as scary as The Exorcist. Abby says The Sixth Sense. Same for Joy. And What Lies Beneath. Sunny said Freddy Krueger who comes to you in your sleep! Nightmare on Elm Street

Hot Topic GOP Rats Are Fleeing in Droves

15 Republican members of Congress are leaving office, only 2 are seeking a higher role. Joy wonders if they don’t like Tr/mp and they’re leaving anyway, then speak up. Says they’re cowards, they secretly think he’s an idiot, so say something. Whoopi says those who did speak up got blasted for waiting so long to say something. Abby talks about lack of women, going from 23 GOP women down to only 13 GOP women in the House, 1 was GOP recruitment chair whose job was to bring diversity into the party (looool). Meghan says blah blah My Family™ blah blah. They talk about Will Hurd who used to be CIA before becoming a congressman and was sick of the abuse.

[Now do the Senate]

Hot Topic Pets Are More Popular Than Kids

Funny stuff
A survey of 2,000 pet owners found that 1/3rd of the parents like their pets better than their kids. Hahahha. Joy says everyone wants a baby but never a teenager, so a dog is like always having a great baby forever. Abby talks about leaving her dog outside the bodega. Says it wasn’t any time at all, she ran right back out, people were petting him [didn’t mention any social media backlash]. Whoopi talks about over-loving dog. Plays clip of French Bulldog named Cashew on a diet, getting fussed at because he’s chubby wubby. So funny. Owner (off camera) offers a snack, like an ice cube (bwa ha). They poke fun at the doggie whining.

Some photos of their pets in this clip

Hot Topic Bernie Shush-ed a Baby, Plus Backlash About Over-populating

Town Hall in NH, baby is squawling, Bernie is annoyed, calls it out. The panel discusses. Abby reminds that Bernie shush-ed Hillary last election. Abby shows clip when she was on Bill Maher nine years ago, sitting between Bernie and Steve Moore, Bernie is waving his hand in front of Abby while trying to shush Moore. Sunny says he’s grumpy, it’s his persona. Get Me Your Manager, Get Off My Lawn. Meghan says babies make her uncomfortable at rallies, wonders why people shove their baby at a politician, thinks it’s weird. Sunny loves Obama with babies. Whoopi thinks it was humorous not cranky. Everyone else says No, cranky.


Town Hall on CNN, plays clip, someone asked question ”Would you be courageous enough to discuss curbing population growth and make it a key feature of your climate plan?”

[Paraphrased] B says women have a right to control their own bodies. Mexico City agreement denies aide to women who have abortions or even being involved in birth control, which he thinks is absurd. B believes if women have opportunity through birth control to control the number of kids they have, then he supports that. Then CNN @secupp said (short version) population control through abortion for the sake of climate is Eugenics. Whoopi explains Eugenics. Says it’s different than what B was talking about. Sunny says they’re distorting what B said. Meghan points out that globally, population growth is on the decline. Some cross-talk, China (which has a 1-baby policy with girls not favored), Abby mentions her sister being left on the street at 2 mos old [what?!]. Meghan thinks it’s a slippery slope. I quit listening because Meghan didn’t even understand her own talking points. The rest of the panel was a) for a women’s right to access birth control, and b) against Eugenics, but c) didn’t believe that’s what B said.

[Dumbalina. B was clearly talking about a woman’s autonomy, which has nothing to do with Eugenics]

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Ontd what is the scariest movie you've ever seen?

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