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Megan Rapinoe and Sue Bird do InStyle

- They met at the 2016 Olympics

- They are both working on the male/female pay disparity in their sports.
"Bird just organized a deal with USA Basket­ball so that the top players are paid enough to stay in the States to train together ahead of next summer’s 2020 Tokyo Olympics. "

- Bird and Rapinoe are opposites- Rapinoe is more impulsive, Bird is a planner.

- They are trying to get used to all the new attention and the need for security and planning and all the assorted things that come with fame.

- Rapinoe on her pay disparity situation:
"“I don’t understand why, if you’re a soccer fan, you wouldn’t want to come and watch the best,” Rapinoe says. “So, until someone can tell me a better reason than fans just don’t want to come to watch women, or companies just don’t want to pay women or don’t see potential in that, then it’s just sexism to me. People are always asking me how to better the state of women’s sports, and I’m like, ‘Fucking go to the games.’ ”

Its a really cute interview with gorgeous pics, you should go read it HERE.

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