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Everything Antoni Porowski eats in a day

Antoni filmed a video with Harper's Bazaar detailing everything he would eat during a typical day.

-He says he no longer eats breakfast as he found that the earlier he ate the more tired he would get later in the day, so instead he starts his day with a home made oat milk iced latte. When he did eat breakfast he would take a slice of sourdough bread and pan toast it enough to get some char on it, he would then rub it with fresh garlic, smear some room temp butter on it and mix in some veggiemite and drizzle with olive oil, he would then top it with a crispy fried egg and a sliced avocado plus microgreens/cilantro some chile flakes for heat more olive oil drizzled on top and finally some maldon salt to top it off.

-For lunch he likes to go home and cook if he can, he likes to make a fennel salad made with whatever citrus he has on hand (he mentions blood oranges or grapefruits) plus olive oil and a nice finishing salt, he likes to serve it with a piece of grispy grilled salmon with lemon.

-For an afternoon snack he likes to eat dates and marcona almonds.

-For dinner he likes a meatloaf stuffed with an entire block of cheddar cheese cooked in the middle. (See an old ontd post about that here!) He serves it with roasted carrots on a bed of greek yogurt and drizzled with pesto and encourages you to eat the stems.

-For dessert he will have nice berries with hand whipped cream and some fresh mint.
They also announced that the special season of Queer Eye filmed in Japan will be released on Nov 1st.


Ontd, what do you eat during a typical day?
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