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hell facebook dating is here!

  • today, facebook officially launched its matchmaking service, dating, in the united states, more than a year after the company first announced the feature. if that sounds unusually slow for the company that once famously had the motto "move fast and break things," you're right. "we've been really slow, actually, with this rollout, we really wanted to make sure we got it right because dating is so personal." the u.s. is now the 20th country to have access to dating. the feature allows anyone with a facebook account who is 18 or older to set up a dating profile from within the facebook mobile app.

  • facebook's decision to move into the dating space may strike some as brazen or tone deaf. the social media company is still facing scrutiny for its data privacy practices, most notably with the cambridge analytica scandal and its role in the genocide in myanmar. now facebook is asking users to trust it with one of the most intimate activities they do online: search for love.

  • dating users will have their first name and age for their dating profile generated from their facebook account, but beyond that, the company says that the two profiles are largely separate. there are, however, a lot of options to integrate more closely with facebook or instagram. for example, individuals can opt-in to share photos posted on facebook or instagram to their dating profile, or add instagram followers to dating's secret crush feature, which indicates crushes among facebook friends and instagram followers (op note: mess) to see if the feelings are mutual.

  • notably, the messaging feature within dating is text only--there are no photos, videos, payments or link sharing--a departure from some other dating apps. it also offers a safety feature where a user can share the location of an upcoming date or live location with a friend on its messenger platform, so their whereabouts can be tracked.

  • anyone--regardless of their stated relationship status--can sign up for dating (op note: i just had a flash of the future headlines), however, those who've previously violated community standards, or are otherwise deemed suspicious will not be able to access dating. also, like some dating services, individuals can set preferences for matches based on factors including distance, age, religion, and height. individuals can also control if a dating profile is shown to friends, friends of friends and non-friends. it also allows for preemptive blocking of specific facebook users. "[facebook] wants to build dating for everyone," and hopes to attract those who've been afraid to use online dating in the past.


ontd, are you excited for a new mobile/online dating option from a platform known for abusing users' personal information, influencing countries' elections, and inciting genocide...?
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