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The View: Wendy Williams, Whoopi Book, Hot Topics

Today’s panel is Whoopi, Abby, Joy, Sunny, and Meghan

Wendy Williams

Summary of conversation [Spoiler (click to open)]
Sunny welcomes her, says they’re happy she’s there and they’ve been rooting for her. WW appreciates their support. Sunny brings up divorce. WW says they were together 25 yrs., married 22 yrs. Says infidelity is one thing but a full baby is a whole other topic. Said she’s a forgiving person but that crossed the line. Said her mother taught her how to turn lemons into lemonade. Said she’ll never speak badly about him publicly. Says if she were to do that now, what does that say about the 25 yrs. they were together, but it’s time for her to move on with her life. No marriage counseling, [baby was] last straw. Joy brings up cocaine, WW says it [drugs] was a long time ago, but that she went into a home for the purpose of recouping and the atmosphere that it gave her to contemplate next move. Talks about not having someone to talk with, lists mom-duties that were her priority, now her son is in college, and it’s time for her to move on. Says Kevin will always be part of her family.

Meghan brings up son Kevin Jr, that they have a beautiful relationship. Asks how he’s doing with all this. WW says he’s doing well, they talk every day, her extended family is also in Miami (where he goes to college). KJr wants to see his parents happy. Abby wants to know about her starting a new life, wants details! WW says home in NJ is on the market, lives in Manhattan. Asks if she wants to get married again. WW says she’s a wife, not a g/f. WW says she’s 55 yrs. old, dating is fine [implies she prefers marriage]. Joy talks about her own divorce, asked WW if she’s had self-reflection on what her role was in the relationship (not the cheating part). WW says Yes she has, mentions her career.

Abby asks about WW show, starting S11, will she approach this season differently as a result of her experience. WW says Hey somebody has to pay the bills. WW says celebrity culture is what she loves, why should she change. She doesn’t like being talked about, paparazzi, she does mind it, but she’s not going to change -everyone is fair game. WW says she read the book about The View and says haha juicy. Meghan wants to know if WW is joining RHONY. WW laughs and says she’s also been rumored as the next Bachelorette. [No]. Also her show is not moving from NY to LA, this is not the last season of her show.

Hot Topic Dolt45 Used a Sharpie© to Fake a NOAA Map

Just because you sleep with someone named Stormy doesn’t make you the weatherman
Ba dum tsss

Icymi Stupider Watergate tweeted on 1 Sept that Hurricane Dorian was going to impact Alabama. Then NOAA said Alabama is Fine Y’all. So yesterday, Dolt45 did a show n tell from the Oval Office where flunky prop guy gave him a NOAA official map that had a Sharpie© edit to pretend that the original path was going to impact Alabama. [I cannot with this timeline]. The panel discusses dum dum, his inability to admit any mistake, and devolves to his other statement that we should nuke hurricanes. Fox News clip (doh!) has blonde weather lady saying hurricanes can’t be nuked.

Dolt45 1 Sept
Dolt45 Sharpie©

[Marlon Brando voice] The memes, the memes
[Spoiler (click to open)]

Tweet1 Tweet2 Tweet3 Tweet4 Tweet5

Hot Topic Power of Positivity Marianne

Marianne said in [original tweet deleted then rephrased] to use the power of the mind to defeat the hurricane. Her Spox says people pray all the time. Whoopi says prayer vs telekinesis is not the same thing. Joy mentions Buttigieg, links to Marianne saying the secular left making fun of believers is losing voters. Quotes a Buttigieg remark that connects religious beliefs to climate change. Joy wonders why religious people are climate change deniers. Abby says there’s been religious hypocrisy in politics for a long time, but the remark made her uncomfortable. Abby says she’s spiritual but a staunch defender of separation between church v state, so Buttigieg blurred those lines. Joy says talk to Pence about those concerns.

Hot Topic Black Widow Will Bomb

Why will there be a Black Widow film anyway? Because Solo: A Star Wars Story was so well received? [70% RT after Ron Howard took over as 3rd Director, but barely made profit $393M vs $300M cost]

Anyway, the panel talks about Scarlett Letter saying she supports [redacted] that was covered in this post from 2morrowww

Struggle watch. [Spoiler (click to open)]
Scarjo is getting a lot of backlash, again. The panel discusses both sides. Joy mentions New Haven investigative team, Moses who refuted it, but doesn’t defend behavior with other daughter who married him. Sunny mentions Dylan claims and Ronan support. Abby feels MeToo has gone so far that people don’t want to hear facts anymore. Abby wants to hear both sides, dangerous to only believe one person. Joy mentions experts again. Meghan says Scarjo is smart, brings up cultural backlash on other topics, that Scarjo doesn’t care. Mentions Dave Chappelle latest comedy show [taking on cancel culture] on RT has poor critics score but high audience score. Doesn’t feel everyone should be believed at face value, without considering all views, that there’s a backlash against MeToo.

Sunny has legal disclaimer that no charges were brought against [redacted] and he has denied the allegations.

You can go here to vent some more

Hot Topic Whoopi is The Unqualified Hostess

Whoopi has a book coming out The Unqualified Hostess which she describes as her version about entertaining and hosting at home vs someone like a Martha Stewart. Playful banter about Joy’s lasagna, Meghan is never on a diet, tablecloths, a knife rest, bartering for the oldest flowers at your local bodega, funny napkins.

ALERT Next Democratic Debate Thursday 12 September 8PM-11PM Eastern on ABC and Telemundo

Ontd do you own a knife rest?

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