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Harry Styles covers The Face Magazine

After 15 years, The Face magazine relaunches with Harry Styles on the cover, interviewed by Trey Taylor, also featuring quotes from Stevie Nicks, Elton John and Alessandro Michele.

Says the album is done, the single is decided. Stevie Nicks loves the album, says it's very different from anything One Direction did LOL.

Liam Gallagher likens the couple tracks Harry played to him to Bon Iver.

Harry says he loves acting, says it's so different from music, does touch upon the Little Mermaid ("It was discussed") but says he wants to focus on music for a while.

Doesn't consider himself sexy, as the word sexy sounds weird coming out of his mouth. Also talks gets very candid about sexuality: "I get a lot of... I'm not always super-outspoken. But I think it's very clear from my choices that I make that I feel a certain way about lots of things. I don't know how to describe it. I guess I'm not... I want everyone to feel welcome at shows and online. They want to be loved and equal, you know? I'm never unsupported, so i feels weird for me to overthink it for someone else."


The full interview, for the ones who are interested, is here:

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