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Blumhouse Founder Lunches With Glenn Beck; Celebs Don’t React

Jason Blum, better known as the man behind indie horror success Blumhouse Productions (The Purge, Insidious, the Halloween reboot-sequel-whatever-that-was written by Danny McBride), recently posted about a productive lunch with Glenn Beck.

Beck also had a great time!

In unrelated news, last month Blumhouse/Universal indefinitely pulled their new horror-thriller The Hunt from their upcoming slate after open criticism from conservatives, among them Donald Trump.

(Blumhouse/Universal cited real life gun violence as the reason for the movie’s jeopardized release status, yet curiously did not pull any of its many other movies resplendent with guns and/or violence.)

Hollywood has yet to comment*.

(*Notoriously outspoken Hollywood Activist, Lexi Alexander - who recently signed a movie deal with Blumhouse - did post on Twitter telling people to stop messaging her about Jason Blum, then deleted all comments before deleting the post itself.)

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who in hollywood is announcing their enrollment in clown college next, ontd?
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