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Violet Chachki Does A Video About Her Pet Peeves... In ASMR

Violet Chachki, winner of "RuPaul's Drag Race" season 7, has made a very important video about her pet peeves. The queen had a sore throat, so she did it as an ASMR video... even though Starbucks was out of lemonades and lemons for her medicine ball tea.

  • Acryclic gems instead of glass gems or real crystals

  • When designers confuse refer to "latex" as "PVC."

  • When someone talks about someone named Kylie, because then Violet mistakes her for Kylie Minogue. So she feels that everyone should refer to their friends named Kylie by their last names so they do not impinge upon the name of Kylie Minogue.

  • When straight girls ask how she can look prettier than they do, because, "Of course I look prettier than you. It's my job."

  • When she's flying Sky Priority (at the very least) and there are Zone 4 bitches in her way.

  • *Straight girl voice:*"Drag her! Slay her! Sipping on that truth tea, hunty. You could never!"

What are your pet peeves?

Tags: lgbtq film / media, rupaul / drag race

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