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The View: Bernie Sanders, Rick Ross, Hot Topics

Today’s panel is Whoopi, Abby, Joy, Sunny, and Meghan

Bernie Sanders

Summary of convo [Spoiler (click to open)]
Whoopi calls him “B”. Wants to know how this day is different from the last time. B says last time was one candidate, this time is many candidates. Talks ideas he mentioned last time are part of dialogue this time. Talks uber wealthy in comparison to most Americans, who live paycheck to paycheck. Joy wonders why people aren’t voting in droves, doesn’t understand low turnout. Sunny feels people don't think that their vote counts. Sunny thinks B was a vanguard in ideas. Sunny brings up Warren, who shares the same ideas plus she’s his friend. Is there room for both of you, which may split vote, giving Biden a clear path. B says tv ads don’t win campaigns, touts grassroots support.

Whoopi brings up Yang, and mentions his universal income. B talks tax breaks to 1% is obscene and that he’d change that. Whoopi says that he hasn’t changed it so far (in Senate). B talks corporations and their tax exempt status. B talks giving every American a job, sidesteps giving every American universal income. Whoopi says B agenda is the same as basically everybody else’s agenda. Joy brings up Pelosi, that a moderate will be needed to beat Tr/mp. B says he likes Pelosi but he disagrees. Meghan asks about bipartisanship, wants B to name people he will work with. B names people. Meghan says Isakson (R-GA) is retiring, McCain is now gone (dead), name someone still in office (ok, lol). B mentions Lamar Alexander (R-TN) then diverts to how bad Tr/mp is.

Abby brings up Biden leading the polls, had a rough month with gaffes, are media too rough on him. B says media has job to do but says he’s friends with Joe, has differences, points out things Joe voted for that he didn’t vote for. Abby wants to know if B would criticize Tr/mp for telling the same stories. B says they’re not the same, Tr/mp is a liar but he doesn’t feel Joe is like that. Meghan brings up Tr/mp claim that DNC screwed over B for Hillary, will do the same for Joe, so will B have a contested convention. B talks superdelegates, says he’s feeling good about his own campaign. [Does not answer question about contested convention]. Meghan brings up Gabbard who was excluded from next debate [because of hinky polls criteria]. B says he’s friends with Gabbard, talks about debates need to have rules and how productive is it with 20 people, wants to talk issues vs time limits. Sunny brings up Walmart gun policy change vs TX loosened laws. B says his admin won’t be intimidated by the NRA, talks recent shootings.

Rick Ross

Talks about hearing his first solo record on the radio, Abby talks about her bad white dancing. Brings up Jay Z. Ross says Rule1 you gotta have money if you want to go to war. And Rule2 you have to put people first. Talks partnership with Jay Z, friends for a long time. He feels like if you’re on the field, you can use it as a platform (kneeling) but the time for change will never be over. Talks about book Hurricanes and selling drugs and hustling in the streets. He was raised by two college graduates, so how did he end up down that path. Tells stories about his upbringing, his mom having 2-3 jobs, feeling like -after his dad left- he was man of the house even tho he was a child.

Had a recent health scare, seizures, hospitalization. Says you should value your life. Chasing his dreams, wanting his future so bad, that his bad habits took a toll on his life. Advice is to slow down, take your meds, follow dr orders. Meghan brings up drama with other rap folks. Talks diplomatically about T.I. and Nicki Minaj, which is different from 50c (who he doesn’t talk about).

Hot Topic In Style Feature with Whoopi

September issue of In Style magazine features Whoopi, where she talks about her upcoming book. Plugs the magazine article which mentions an amazing restaurant she doesn’t own but likes a lot, plus things you can do at your house. Idk.

Hot Topic The Mooch Says Tr/mp is Senile

Scaramucci who worked for Racist in Chief for 11 days has now gone full-on Never Tr/mp, says Tr/mp is in mental decline. Says if Tr/mp poll numbers keep going down, he’ll pull out of the 2020 race. Joy says that she’s been saying forever that Tr/mp will go down like Nixon, forced out by threat of jail. Abby wonders why liberals are treating Mooch like the new savior (uh, nobody is doing that). Panel feels it’s opportunistic. Me-again talks about lack of loyalty within Tr/mp staff in comparison to MY DAD™ staff.

[Sidebar, this can't happen, because then the 2020 ticket will be Pence-Xyz, and we can't have that]

Hot Topic Biden Gaffes vs Tr/mp Lies

Plays clip. Whoopi said Biden mixed together 3 true stories into 1 convoluted story. Plays another clip, Biden talks about details in decision making are more important. Abby likes Biden, says he’s had a bad month, says running against Tr/mp – facts matter. Bwa ha ha. The whole panel laughs at Abby over this ridiculous analogy. Whoopi takes on ageism. Also says if you tell a story several times, it grows and grows, whatever. Whoopi doesn’t care about stories on campaign trail, would rather fight about policy.

Sunny says people are trying to mix mental clarity with being a good storyteller. Joy says if he was running against Abraham Lincoln, then it would matter. But it’s Tr/mp, so. Me-again talks about growing up on the campaign trail, says people at town halls want to be informed as well as be entertained. Says he got ahead of himself, but doesn’t think it’s near as bad as saying he’s a Native American [she hates Warren]. Whoopi says again that none of it was a lie he just mixed multiple stories. Me-again says she doesn’t feel sorry for politicians but being on the campaign trail is tough and whatever.

My Dad™ = 1

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