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celebrities remember grammy winning songwriter, lashawn daniels

  • grammy winning songwriter and producer, lashawn daniels, has died as a result of injuries sustained in a car accident.

  • lashawn daniels contributed to numerous notable pop and r&b songs. some of his most notable hits include whitney houston’s “it’s not right but it’s okay,” destiny’s child’s “say my name,” lady gaga and beyoncé’s “telephone,” jennifer lopez’s “if you had my love,” and co-wrote several songs on janet jackson’s discipline.

  • he won best r&b song at the 2001 grammy awards for his contributions to destiny's chils's “say my name.” daniels also earned grammy nominations for his work on brandy and monica’s “the boy is mine,” toni braxton’s “he wasn’t man enough,” tamar braxton’s “love and war,” and whitney houston’s “it’s not right but it’s okay.”

  • celebrities and collaborators took to twitter to remember lashawn daniels and his impact on them and music:

gospel musician, songwriter, choir director, and author, kirk franklin

singer and songwriter, ari lennox

singer, songrwiter, and producer, james fauntleroy

new york times best selling author, michael arceneaux

british singer and brit and grammy award winning producer and songwriter, mnek

singer, songwriter, actress, dancer, model, and animator, dawn

gospel music artist and bishop, hezekiah walker

music duo, louis york

singer, and actress, tamar braxton

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41 is far too young...
ontd, what are your favorite songs lashawn daniels helped create?
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