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Britney Spears' father may be removed as conservator

Follow up to this post
- There’s now a restraining order in place barring Jaime Spears from having contact with his two grandsons, which will impact his professional role with Britney when she has custody of the boys.

- The court is currently doing a full investigation into Britney's conservatorship. This involves scrutinizing her medical treatment, her advisors and the current custody arrangement with her kids.

- Court-appointed investigators will interview both 13 y/o Sean and 12 y/o Jayden, as well as Federline to determine how things move forward.

- In April, a longtime senior advisor of Britney's conservatorship, Andrew Wallet, bailed on the group after having issues with the decisions Jamie was making regarding Britney's professional and personal life.

- The court will most likely remove Jaime from his role as conservator and replace him with someone who is a stable force in Britney's life. Sources say the best option may be Britney's mother, Lynne Spears.

- All parties involved in Britney's conservatorship case are due back in court next week.

Tags: britney spears, family drama, violence / domestic abuse

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