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The View: Huntsman Twins, Hot Topics, Meghan Pouts, Whoopi Meltdown

Today’s panel is Whoopi, Abby (!), Joy, Sunny, and Meghan

The Hosts Talk About Their Summer Break

Joy went to a cocktail party with Nancy Pelosi, said they talked about the political state of affairs. Plugs moderate candidate vs progressive candidate. Says 2018 midterms it was moderates who beat GOP in Tr/mp states.
Abby is happy to see her feet and be able to breathe again, getting her hair and makeup done. Says her baby delivery was fine, but one of the twins was in NICU for two weeks, appreciative of nurses and doctors. She drank a lot of coffee and wine. Went to Russia last week to see her dad for his last week there.
Sunny has a new show coming out in October on ID channel (?), spent a week on Martha’s Vineyard with her family, jumping off bridge from Jaws, doesn’t swim well, still needs to work on that. Then went to Sag Harbour, shows photo of dancing, two of her toes were numb the next day, was not sober in photo (lol).
Meghan went to Wyoming doing (her words) the redneck stuff. Then went to Vegas and saw George Straight and Cher.
Whoopi didn’t do jack.

Hot Topic Nashville School Bans Harry Potter 22 Years Too Late

Lord the dumb jumped right out quick. After consulting with exorcists (yes you read that right) a Catholic school in Nashville determined readers were at risk of conjuring evil spirits because it’s real. The first book came out in 1997. All the films have been out. Even the official RCC said (back in the day) STOP with the dumb, just let the kids read. Meghan says blah blah about Roald Dahl. Sunny says the RCC makes it really hard for her. Whoopi mocks that they did actually consult a bonafide exorcist. Said if something was gonna go wrong, then it would’ve happened with her first (Ghost throwback!)

Hot Topic Jay Z is a Sellout

Plays clip. Jay Z says it’s time to get past kneeling and get to actionable items. Panel thinks he’s sending a mixed message. Sunny points out that Jay Z said he had talked to Colin K, which was a lie. One of the leading causes of death of black men between 2013-2018 was police brutality, so it was insensitive to say we were past that. Abby read the response differently, feels like he was trying to get back to watching a fun sport, while addressing the issue differently. She’s willing to giving him the benefit of the doubt that his intentions are in the right place, trying to drive change in another way.

Whoopi thought this was a subtweet in response to Jay Z
What… the cultural nationalists seek is not an end to oppression, but the transfer of the oppressive apparatus into their own hands.

Colin K [Spoiler (click to open)]

Hot Topic Tr/mp Thinks Tiffany is the Fat One

Hellsbury Doughboy assistant Madeleine Westerhout (MW) blabbed to press, she’s gone. She leaked that he didn’t like having photos with Tiffany because she was "the fat one”. Also speculation MW was the leak about buying Greenland, among other insane yet true things. Typically, Pouty McFussypants did not in any way shape form or fashion defend HIS OWN DAUGHTER but instead blamed the media because of course. He said MW had been drinking a little, thought it was off the record, said some things about his kids, said she’s a very, you know, good person. The panel has the typical reaction, baffled he didn’t stand up for his kids (lool) and baffled he still defended and praised his assistant (probably wanted to poke her with his teeny mushroom). Joy says Madeleine will be fine, she’ll be on DWTS in a week or so.

Anyway, public service announcement: never get drunk at office parties or in front of the press.

Hot Topic Meghan Don't Take My Guns is Insufferable

Omg make it stop she is just the worst godddddddd

Tl;dr in case you don’t want to stress out:
Says AR-15 is the most popular gun. (Fact check, the most “manufactured” are pistols, and being that supply = demand...)
Says Beto wants to come in our homes and take guns. (Fact check, Beto said “buy back” and said “assault weapons”)

Joy talks about polls, most Americans want increased gun control measures. Now TX allows guns in churches, and stored on school campuses. Abby talks evolution since Sandy Hook that nothing will happen. Whoopi mentions that even laws in place now aren’t being enforced to prevent people who shouldn’t have guns from getting them. Sunny talks enormity of guns in America. Brings up Biden that he’s popular amongst GOP and moderate but that re/gun control he has no compromise. Reminds that Moscow Mitch won’t allow votes. Meghan says a lot of things that makes the most passive person want to reach through the tv and whack a mole her off the stage. Blah di blah. She doesn’t like how NRA money is being allocated (who cares). Says she won’t vote for a gun grabber. Loool that she still pretends that she’ll vote for any Democrat. Joy reminds we had an assault ban during Clinton that was allowed to expire during Bush43, yet mass shootings dropped during the ban.

Meghan rants some more about people taking her guns. Abby wants to be able to walk in a mall with her kids without worrying that someone is going to open fire. Meghan remains a petulant child, learned nothing on break. Whoopi mentions again that there are laws that aren’t being enforced, besides any new restrictions. Four of the panel made reasonable points while Don’t Grab My Gun Meghan pouted and was snarky.

Hot Topic Whoopi Has Meltdown

So much to unpack

[Here is the background icymi]Eric McCormack from Will n Grace tweeted (Aug 30 @ 136AM Eastern) about Tr/mp attending a Hollywood fundraiser. He wanted the Hollywood Reporter (the source article for his tweet) to report on who attended, so he’d know who not to work with in the future. Debra Messing, who is one of the more annoying people on twitter who a)retweets like a maniac, then b)retweets the exact same thing with her own comments added. She’s like your Aunt Esther with no original thought and steals opinions from others then passes them off as her own and frequently is ALL CAPS EXTRA. Anyway, she stole Eric’s take and made her own tweet /a whole day later/ saying the same (Aug 31 @ 1241AM Eastern). That made Pouty McFussypants mad (how did he even see it). So instead of addressing another shooting and hurricane, Tr/mp blathers about Messing on twitter, which she salivates like Pavlov’s dog and goes nuclear with more attention seeking. She even made a tweet about getting name checked smh.

Eric tweet
Debra tweet

So, this segment is about there being a LIST published by media of people who attend a fundraiser, who may or may not vote for Tr/mp. Some of the panel points out that corporate donors are fair game, eg boycotts. But individual donors, while public via google search, shouldn’t be compiled and used to target individuals lest the next list have YOU on it.

Starting about 1:30 mark:
Whoopi has a mini-meltdown, likening it to the McCarthy-era communist blacklist that plagued the 1950s including the entertainment industry, where people were accused without proof, lost their jobs and livelihoods, some died by suicide, etc. She has many words to say why she is so incensed by this idea. Not so much having your private thoughts and making your own professional decisions based on your knowledge, but the compilation and publication of LISTS was particularly offensive.

[Sidebar, the clip cuts out early when her rant ends, but I had this on in the background when it aired live. As the cameras panned out before going to commercial, Meghan looked over at her producer and rolled her eyes.]

Hot Topic Meet Abby Twins Ruby and William

Abby holds daughter Ruby while Meghan holds son William. Cute squishy babies. They talk about her babies plus her 1 yr old, who wanted to put the twins in the microwave (hahahhaah). Tells a story about being out with the family, people look at them with pity, wanted to buy them food or something, eg parents with three wuttle children.

Ontd do you have a relaxing vacation only to return to work with your coworker who is already in rage-a-thon mode, killing your chill?

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