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Britney Spears' father under investigation for child abuse

- Britney's father is currently under investigation for allegations of child abuse after getting physical with her 13 y/o son.

- Kevin Federline went to a sheriff's station last Sunday and filed a police report against Jamie Spears, alleging battery on his son.

- After the incident, Britney allegedly took the kids from Jamie and brought them back to her home. Federline was called later to pick them up and the boys stayed the night with him.

UPDATE 1 - Jamie was allegedly so enraged during an argument with his grandson that he broke down a door to get to him.

- sources say once Jamie got his hands on the boy, he "violently shook" him.

UPDATE 2 - Britney's two sons have been granted a restraining order against Jamie Spears, stopping him from contact. The domestic violence restraining order was filed by Federline, on behalf of kids.

- Britney's team agreed to all of the demands and terms of protection for her children.

- The documents give Federline full legal custody of the boys. Britney will need all her visitation with the children to be monitored, and Jaime can no longer monitor.

- Britney will not have any overnight visits, and Federline will now have about 90% physical custody.

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Tags: britney spears, family drama, violence / domestic abuse

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