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'are you the one?' s08e11: 'on to the next' recap

here we are and i can't believe it--only two episodes left! my body will be happy to get those hours of sleep back, but my heart? my heart?! my heart...?!

as always, there will be spoilers, so if you haven't see the latest episode, turn back now--or spoil yourself!--it's your life to live. now let's get in:

  • i'm right there with you dramaxic!

  • wtf...?!?!?!?--only 3?!?!?--i though they were the dummies but we were all the dummies!!! we were the dummiiies!!!

  • poor danny; stuck with kai and his cheating heart...

  • poor max...and justin's not even giving him the night to mourn. not even a goodbye fuck or nothin'...?! i know he's damaged, but go-lly!

  • who the fuck is remy's match then...? justin...? kylie...?

  • i'm torn, but i'm glad that the house is handling it in stride, i guess...

  • jenna and paige are such a great match for each other. im really happy about that and happy for them.

  • fuck...what if amber is justin's match? i'd be mad--and now i'm sure she is...fuck!

  • poor pouty max--and amber's scheming ass is comforting him knowing full well she's about to swoop right the fuck in on his man.

  • justin and kari, eh...?--and amber and max...?!--oh my!

  • i love that danny is genuinely invested in getting to know kai on an intimate level, but there is no way kai is reciprocating his emotional honesty. i don't think he even knows how.

  • i should be excited for danny finding his perfect match and getting laid and instead, i'm just 😕

  • i don't see it for max and amber, but i've been a dummy so...but there are only two truth booths left!

  • i'm hoping some real answers come from this.

  • jonathan is great with the romantic advice. acts of service is definitely his love language.

  • kylie and amber are cute...but i feel like all of this building up to amber and justin and i fucking hate it.

  • also, jasmine and nour are cute together and seem to have a comfort and ease with each other they haven't had with anyone else.

  • kari and max bonding while they were supposed to be venting.

  • and damn, kari's bedroom eyes were on point in that shot...

  • paige called it--hilariously, as always--and jenna perfectly complimented it.

  • danny! i cackled!

  • my stomach started doing backflips when they were on the verge of four beams...i started second guessing every matchup. this damn show!

  • six beams is gonna make this shit impossible--it took them eight weeks to get this far!--i'm hoping for some producer interference, but i also don't feel as invested knowing jax is dead and it seems like the endgame is amber and justin, which i do! not! want!

next week--the final matchup!:

sources 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15

lowkey mvp of the week goes to whoever manages mtv's socials because the kehlani (a.k.a.: proud are you the one? season 8 stan) shoutout...?

lowkey mvp of the week runner-up goes to basit who was snatched, perched and easily best dressed at the matchup ceremony.
i'm pissed that mtv is seriously going to have this shit go down to the wire--all the way up to the last matchup ceremony!--i don't need this stress! (but i want this stress 🙃).
well, it all ends next week (unless we get a much deserved reunion episode). ontd, who do you think are the correct remaining matchups?
Tags: lgbtq / rights, reality show - mtv, television

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