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ONTD Original: And Now, The Weather - Natural Disasters in Movies

Hi, everyone! If you're on the East Coast / also in Florida, I hope you're prepared to stand against Hurricane Dorian.

  • Have water; Enough to last for 7 days per person. Trust me, this shit can wipe out your water infrastructure for days. Fill your bathtubs and clean containers with drinking water. You may also need that to flush your toilet.

  • Take your animals with you. They depend on you!

  • Get a propane tank. If you have a grill, you can cook when the power is down! If you don't have one, get a small Instant Grill and some matches.

  • Don't eat all your hurricane snacks before the storm hits.

source: went through this shit last year. Thankfully it's not coming to west Florida, but it still may affect people.

If you're the kind of person who laughs in the face of danger, read on! If not, read on anyway. Let this post remind you of better times before impending insurance disaster.

While searching for movies to include in this post, I came across one I had never heard of before - Solar Attack (2006); The disaster? The...sun.

Apparently, the solar giant can fire lasers with pinpoint accuracy! 
Obviously intrigued by such a poster, I had to search and see what this masterpiece was about; As per a Wikipedia source;

Concerns large coronal mass ejections (CMEs) [plasma] that cause the Earth's atmosphere to burn, potentially suffocating all life on Earth. All of this happens during a time of political tension between the United States and Russia.

I wonder if that's predicting the near future, or if the cast and crew of SOLAR ATTACK are chuckling at the irony of...the complete opposite happening previously.

Luckily, the crisis is averted by .... nuking the poles, and that releases vapors to stop the CMEs. Glad that's taken care of.

Quite a lot of Natural Disaster movies involve everything and the kitchen sink; like 2009's 2012;

RT if you're watching this in 2019! src

The Disaster: earthquakes, volcano eruptions, and mega tsunamis. still dangerous - but watch, as John Cusack flees the world. Did you know, that hurricanes and typhoons are the same thing, only differently named because of regional differences? Earthquakes are the same worldwide.

Bonus: Check out the We Hate Movies episode on 2012!

How about some more sand? How about a foreign film? How many times can sandstorm say sandstorm in this movie called...

From 2004. src.

I only heard about this when looking up movies about sandstorms negl. I wonder how it ends.
Political and family drama is reminiced about during a sandstorm overtaking a good portion of China, says IMDB

Too much heat for you? How about the current """hidden gem"", Snowpiercer (2013):

Better than Okja src
It's all about a continuous snowstorm from a failed climate change experiment. So, maybe the natural disaster were human beings playing nature all along. Are you excited to be stuck on a train in a hellish class system? It's just like the present, but more cramped!

Haven't had a lot of tornado representation on this list so far - I got it! Want to hear about more three-syllable ND movies from 2013 that start with 'S'? Say no more!

enough said! src

Sharknado! The one that started it all and came to it's natural conclusion two years ago with hero Finn traveling around the world to help people not be victims of a Sharknado. Did you know there was also a documentary about the unnatural film phenomenon?

But Dorian is a *hurricane*, so I should probably mention a movie about a hurricane, right? Unfortunately, I only know of one.

Yep, that's "Rock you like a hurricane." src

As you might have guessed, the disaster in The Hurricane Heist is...a hurricane. What you might not have guessed, is that this movie gives you two disasters for the price of one; The  first one is the storm, the second one are the accents. Please, if you must go outside during a hurricane, know that you cannot shout over category 5 winds to people miles away, or fling people into the air via a trap in a mall, or kill them with hubcaps.

Stay safe, stay alert, and keep your spirits up. What other natural disaster movies have you seen? Points if you don't mention Day After Tomorrow.

sources are in the post!
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