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LeBron James Wants To Trademark “Taco Tuesday”

Los Angeles Lakers basketball player and entrepreneur, LeBron James, recently filed a trademark for the phrase “Taco Tuesday.” This doesn’t necessarily come as a surprise to many since “Taco Tuesdays” has become a weekly tradition over the Summer for LeBron. The NBA player shares a video on social media every week enjoying his tacos.

According to Josh Gerben of Gerben Law Firm, the filing was made by James’ “LBJ Trademarks LLC” with intentions of using “Taco Tuesday” for social media posts and a podcast.

Needless to say, some people are not amused by this move and feel like James needs to back off. LA Taco wrote a piece explaining how that phrase was already stolen from Latinos. The writer also points out the problem with his videos, like LeBron’s “grito.” He notes that anyone else doing that would have been called out for it by now.

Read the full piece at the first source.

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Tags: black celebrities, food / food industry, sports / athletes - basketball
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